Slime Rancher 2 can have you wrangling slimes, feeding them, and promoting what comes out of them for large income. As you embark in your journey, you’ll little question need to unlock and uncover every part the game has to supply. If you’re trying to discover some extra islands on the map, you’ll need to defeat some large slimes to do it!

Unlocking Islands

To attain the other islands in Slime Rancher 2, you’ll need to defeat the Gordo Slimes. These are additional giant slimes that solely seem in one place on the map. When you defeat the Pink and Cotton Gordos, you’ll unlock the Ember Island and Strand Island.

The Pink Gordo might be discovered in the northwestern portion of Rainbow Fields. You’ll begin by heading west from The Conservatory, then go north till you get towards the northernmost level of the island. It will then be a bit to the east.

In order to defeat the Pink Gordo, you should feed it till it bursts. It eats fruit, veggies, and meat, so just about give it any additional meals available to make it burst and reveal what its hiding! It will take 30 of no matter sort of meals you resolve to feed it to pop this Gordo.

Taking out the Pink Gordo gives you entry to Ember Island. Once you arrive, make certain to be looking out for Radiant Ore!

The Cotton Gordo might be discovered in the southwestern portion of Rainbow Island. You’ll begin by heading west from The Conservatory, then head south earlier than you attain the westernmost portion of the island.

Slime Rancher 2 Cotton Gordo Map 1 Image

In order to defeat the Cotton Gordo, you’ll need to feed it 30 greens. This contains issues like carrots or water lettuce which might be discovered across the map. Carrots are your greatest guess, as they’re the most typical.

Popping the massive Cotton Gordo will unlock entry to Strand Island. Make certain to decide your self up a Hunter and Flutter Slime if you are there!

When you defeat one among these Gordos, you’ll unlock an space behind it. Head down the trail and you’ll arrive at a tool you possibly can work together with. Once you do, you’ll get a small reduce scene displaying a portal opening on the map. Head to the situation of the portal, and you may journey to the brand new island!

We hope this helped you determine how to unlock the other islands so you possibly can uncover every part the game has to supply. We have extra how-to guides for Slime Rancher 2 in case you want extra help!

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