When I first started playing BitLife, my first quest was to get to outer space! Who wouldn’t want to explore the great beyond, even if it’s in a game? If you choose to partake in the Astronaut Job Pack, you will enjoy a realm of interstellar experiences and immerse yourself in the life of an astronaut. But why stop there? Always thirsty for knowledge, I immediately looked for a way to go on a Martian Exploration, and in this guide, we will show you how it’s done!

Going on a Martian Exploration in BitLife

To go on a Martian Exploration in BitLife, you will first have to become an astronaut. Keep applying for space and Lunar missions and progress through the ranks, gaining a reputation on the way. The jobs you must partake in include the following:

  • Conduct research in space
  • Discover and name distant planets, stars, galaxies, and more
  • Navigate your shuttle through asteroid fields
  • Publish articles about your discoveries
  • Repair busted satellites
  • Transmit messages into space and decrypt alien transmissions

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You will have to be a General rank and have a high Reputation for Martian Exploration to unlock. Follow the steps below to enroll:

  • Go to Jobs.
  • Select Missions.
  • Under Martian Missions, select Martian Exploration.
  • Select Apply in the Mission Notice popup window.

By enrolling in a Martian Exploration, you will get a Martian achievement in BitLife. From this point on, you will be able to partake in any additional Martion Missions that become available to you in the future.

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