Starfield is set centuries into the future where humans have managed to travel and settle across the galaxy. This calls for a technology that allows humans to travel at light speed and beyond. Grav Drives are ship components required to make the jump from one star system to the other. Here’s how you can use this travel feature in Starfield.

How to use your ship’s Grav Jump in Starfield

As mentioned previously, you can Grav Jump from one star system to the other. To do so, go to the Starmap and Set Course to the destination system. As you can see in the image above, I set the course from SOL to Wolf. On the next screen, hold Jump to travel to the selected system. Your ship’s grav drives will power up and you’ll go through a short countdown timer before warping.

Image by Steam Game Guides

The wait time before a Grav Jump can be reduced by allocating more power to the GRV bar (see image). Not to mention, the Grav Jump will simply not occur if the GRV bar has zero power. You can use the arrow keys on the keyboard or the D-pad on the controller to take power from other systems and put them in the GRV system of your ship.

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How to upgrade your ship’s Grav Jump in Starfield

You can also upgrade your ship’s Grav Jump capabilities by modifying it at a spaceport, like the one in New Atlantis. Talk to the ship technician that you want to modify your ships and that will bring up the customization menu. Go to Upgrade Ship, then Grav Drives, and select from the list of available options. Alternatively, you can go to Ship Builder to remove your existing Grav Drive and add a new better one.

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