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Limited edition pets and eggs are just one part of what makes Pet Simulator X go ’round, but it’s quite a big part to say the least! In some cases, these eggs and pets are added with holiday events, such as Halloween or Christmas; in others, they’re added with a weekly or monthly update and removed soon after. The Quest Egg was added with April 2023’s Quests update and is still in game at the time of this article’s publication, so if you’re wanting to hatch it, continue reading below to find out how.

How to get a Quest Egg in Pet Simulator X

To unlock the Quest Egg, you must earn 400 Quest Points during the Quests event and then use said points to redeem it. Yep, that’s all there is to it! As soon as you earn enough points, you can open the Quests Shop by approaching the Quest Board in Spawn World and then select the egg icon to redeem it.

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The following pets can be unlocked from this egg:

  • M-10 PROTOTYPE (99.9% hatch chance)
  • Huge M-10 PROTOTYPE (0.1% hatch chance)

How to get Quest Points in Pet Simulator X

Quests Points are earned, as the name implies, each time you complete an in-game quest. These quests vary in difficulty; the easier quests will award smaller amounts of points, while harder and more time-consuming quests will award larger amounts of points. For every three quests you complete, you’ll unlock three more, until you complete every quest in the experience. A showcase of every possible quest, and the order they’re unlocked in, can be found below.

Spawn World

Easy = 40 Quest Points Medium = 100 Quest Points Hard = 250 Quest Points
1) Town Break 100 Coins in Town! Hatch 300 Pets from the Starter Eggs! Break 500 Chests in Town!
2) Forest Break 200 Presents in Forest! Max out your player upgrades! Hatch 10,000 Pets from Forest Eggs!
3) Beach Break 250 Safes in Beach! Use the Gold Machine 100 Times! Create 500 Fused Legendary Pets!
4) Mine Hatch 500 Pets from Mine Eggs! Use the Rainbow Machine 100 times! Break 750 Vaults in Mine!
5) Winter Break 300 Crates in Winter! Hatch 20 Shiny Pets from Winter Eggs! Break 1,000 Chests in Winter!
6) Glacier Send 5 mailbox gifts! Buy 50 pets from the Traveling Merchant! Break 3,000 Presents in Glacier!
7) Desert Break 250 Diamonds in Desert! Hatch 300 Epic Pets from Spiked Eggs! Use the Daycare 50 times!
8)Volcano Break 25 Magma Chests in Volcano! Hatch 250 Domortuus Pets! Buy 200 Pets from the Mysterious Merchant!

Fantasy World

Easy = 40 Quest Points Medium = 100 Quest Points Hard = 250 Quest Points
1) Enchanted Forest Hatch 300 Pets from Enchanted Eggs! Break 350 Vaults in Enchanted Forest! Use the Enchant Machine 2,500 times!
2) Ancient Island Break 500 Presents in Ancient Island! Hatch 5,000 Pets from Relic Eggs! Successfully Gold 200 Mythicals with 13% Chance!
3) Samurai Island Sell 25 Pets in Trading Booths! Hatch 5 Shiny Samurai Dragon Pets! Break 10,000 Diamonds in the Diamond Mine!
4) Candy Island Break 500 Coins in Candy Island! Enchant a Pet with Glittering 10 times! Successfully Rainbow 150 Mythicals with 13% Chance!
5) Haunted Island Break 100 Vaults in Haunted Island! Hatch 5,000 Pets from Haunted Eggs! Redeem 50 rank rewards!
6) Hell Island Hatch 1,000 Pets from Hell Eggs! Spend 50b Fantasy Coins! Enchant 50 Pets with Royalty!
7) Heaven Island Hatch 1,000 Pets from Heaven Eggs! Break 1,000 Chests in Heaven Island! Hatch 50 Shiny Pegasus Pets!
8) Heaven’s Gate Buy 50 pets from Trading Booths! Hatch 500 Mythicals from the Empyrean Eggs! Break 1,500 Grand Heaven Chests in Heaven’s Gate!

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Tech World

Easy = 40 Quest Points Medium = 100 Quest Points Hard = 250 Quest Points
1) Tech City Hatch 1,000 Pets from Tech or Metal Eggs! Break 500 Tech Cubes in Tech City! Hatch 1,000 Mythical Pets!
2) Dark Tech Break 750 Crates in Dark Tech! Hatch 5,000 Pets from Dark Tech Eggs! Use the Dark Matter Machine 100 times!
3) Steampunk Break 300 Safes in Steampunk! Enchant 2,500 Dark Matter Pets! Hatch 25 Shiny Pets!
4) Alien Lab Break 2,500 Coins in Alien Lab! Break 500 Vaults in Alien Lab! Hatch 30 Shiny Dominus Alienus pets from Alien Lab Eggs!
5) Alien Forest Hatch 1,000 Pets from Alien Eggs! Break 500 Giant Alien Chests! Use the Dark Matter Machine 25 times on Secret Pets!
6) Glitch Break 750 Presents in Glitch! Use the Dark Matter Machine 50 times on Glitch Egg Pets! Claim 100 Free Gifts!
7) Hacker Portal Spend 3t Tech Coins! Break 500 Hacker Chests in Hacker Portal! Dark Matter 30 Shiny Pets!

Axolotl Ocean

Easy = 40 Quest Points Medium = 100 Quest Points Hard = 250 Quest Points
1) Axolotl Ocean Hatch 1,000 Pets from Axolotl Eggs! Break 1,000 Presents in Axolotl Ocean! Hatch 750 Mythicals from Axolotl Eggs!
2) Axolotl Deep Ocean Break 500 Vaults in Axolotl Deep Ocean! Hatch 10,000 Pets from Shiny Axolotl Eggs! Activate 25 Server Triple Coins Boosts!
3) Axolotl Cave Spend 10b Rainbow Coins on Shiny Axolotl Eggs! Hatch 500 Mythical Pets from Shiny Axolotl Eggs! Break 1,500 Giant Ocean Chests in Axolotl Cave!

Pixel World

Easy = 40 Quest Points Medium = 100 Quest Points Hard = 250 Quest Points
1) Pixel Forest Break 750 Crates in Pixel Forest! Open 5 Hype Gifts! Hatch 50,000 Pets from Pixel Eggs!
2) Pixel Kyoto Break 1,500 Coins in Pixel Kyoto! Collect 1,000 Potions from Daycare! Hatch 15 Scavenger Eggs!
3) Pixel Alps Hatch 2,500 Pets from Rainbow Pixel Eggs! Break 750 Chests in Pixel Alps! Collect 1b Diamonds from Daycare!
4) Pixel Vault Enchant 1,000 Pixel Wolves! Break 750 Giant Pixel Chests in Pixel Vault! Hatch 1,000 Mythicals from Rainbow Pixel Eggs!

Cat World

Easy = 40 Quest Points Medium = 100 Quest Points Hard = 250 Quest Points
1) Cat Paradise Break 500 Chests in Cat Paradise! Hatch 15,000 Pets from Paw Eggs! Sell 20 Pets at Auction!
2) Cat Backyard Trade 20 players! Break 2,500 Coins in Cat Backyard! Activate 50 Server Triple Damage Boosts!
3) Cat Taiga Hatch 3,000 Pets from Cat Eggs! Activate 300 Server Triple Coin Boosts! Enroll 500 Pets into Daycare!
4) Cat Throne Room Break 250 Giant Throne Chests in Cat Throne Room! Spend 5t Rainbow Coins in Cat World! Hatch 50,000 Pets from Royal Eggs!
5) Cat Kingdom Break 750 Vaults in Cat Kingdom! Enchant 50 Rich Cat with Diamond Bag Master! Break 1,500 Giant Cat Chests in Cat Kingdom

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Doodle World

Easy = 40 Quest Points Medium = 100 Quest Points Hard = Quest Points
1) Doodle Meadow Hatch 3,000 Flower Doodle Eggs! Break 3,000 Coins in Doodle Meadow! Hatch 50 Shiny Pets from Doodle Meadow Eggs!
2) Doodle Peaks Buy 1 Pet at Auction! Break 2,500 Crates in Doodle Peaks! Hatch 1 Huge Pets!
3) Doodle Farm Break 1,000 Crates in Doodle Farm! Successfully Gold 500 Doodle Mice! Activate 50 Server Luck Boosts!
4) Doodle Barn Hatch 500 Mythicals from the Doodle Barn Egg! Break 500 Giant Doodle Barn Chests in Doodle Barn! Hatch 50 Secret Pets from the Doodle Barn Egg!
5) Doodle Oasis Sell 100 Pets at a Trading Booth! Hatch 25,000 Pets from Tropical Doodle Eggs! Break 1,500 Giant Doodle Oasis Chests!
6) Doodle Woodlands Enchant 50 Pets with Cartoon Coins! Activate 500 Server Triple Damage Boosts! Successfully Rainbow 750 Doodle Sloths!
7) Doodle Safari Successfully Gold 500 Doodle Rhinos! Successfully Rainbow 250 Doodle Rhinos! Earn 100b Diamonds at Auction!
8) Doodle Fairyland Break 750 Safes in Doodle Fairyland! Collect 1t Cartoon Coins from Daycare! Buy 200 Mythical Pets from Traveling Merchant!
9) Doodle Cave Hatch 15,000 Pets from Gem Doodle Eggs! Break 500 Chests in Doodle Cave! Hatch 10 Secret Pets from Gem Eggs!

Kawaii World

Easy = 40 Quest Points Medium = 100 Quest Points Hard = 250 Quest Points
1) Kawaii Tokyo Hatch 15,000 Pets from the Kawaii Eggs! Break 500 Kawaii Alley Chests in Kawaii Tokyo! Hatch 50,000 Pets from Tokyo Alley Eggs!
2) Kawaii Village Break 1,000 Chests in Kawaii Village! Buy 20 pets at Auction! Use 2,000 Super Lucky Boosts!
3) Kawaii Candyland Hatch 15,000 Pets from Cafe Eggs! Use Huge Machine 1 Time! Hatch 3 Huge Pets!
4) Kawaii Temple Break 250 Kawaii Temple Chests in Kawaii Temple! Collect 5t Cartoon Coins! Dark Matter 5 Masked Owl Pets!
5) Kawaii Dojo Spend 500b Cartoon Coins in the Dojo! Break 500 Giant Kawaii Dojo Chests in the Kawaii Dojo! Hatch 1 Shiny Secret Pet from Dojo Egg!


That’s it for our guide on how to hatch the Quest Egg in Pet Simulator X. You’ll need to grind quite a bit to unlock this special-edition egg, so we wish you the best of luck!

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