The Guipo is one of the few ghost types whose journal entry has no information in Demonologist. There is evidence to determine what it is, and some vaguely identifiable traits, but the Guipo is still a mystery for the playerbase. When trying to determine whether a ghost is a Guipo that won’t give you its third piece of evidence, it might be easier to just rule out the other ghosts first. Here is everything you need to know about how to identify a Guipo in Demonologist.

All Guipo Evidence and Behavior in Demonologist

The Guipo ghost type in Demonologist can be identified by finding three pieces of evidence. These are ESG Ghost Reaction, Ectoplasm Stains, and getting a Spirit Box Response. When trying to get the third piece of evidence, it can be difficult to get glean anything from the ghost’s behavior, unlike many of the other ghosts in the game, because its entry has no data. For matches where a Guipo is a possibility, it is far easier to rule out other ghost types instead.

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Testing the speed of ghosts is a good way of figuring out what they are, and the Guipo can be outrun by players easily. Most ghosts can be looped around in a circle, with only a few ghosts being faster than players. Here are the ghost types that may need to be ruled out and how to identify them:

  • Boogey – There’s very little information but it can hunt regardless of your Sanity.
  • Deogen – Will chase their target and can ignore other players while almost only hunting when their target is nearby.
  • Iblis – Will slow down when close to its target, which can be tested during hunts.
  • Myling – Will put out candles that players bring in before hunting and is calmer with no fire around.
  • Naamah – There’s very little information but players have found this ghost to drain Sanity very fast.
  • Poltergeist – Will lower Sanity when throwing objects and will calm down when it has nothing to throw.
  • Raiju – Won’t hunt as often when players are close together and will hunt more often when someone is left alone.
  • Shade – They will hunt more often in the dark and hunt less when the room is lit up.
  • Yurei – The opposite of Raiju, hunting more often when in groups and less often when alone. It also becomes less powerful if left alone for a while.

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