Starfield is an expansive space RPG from Bethesda, allowing me to immerse myself into the delightful Settled Systems. However, it shares a common complaint many Bethesda games have; the UI, especially the inventory, is not good. Fortunately, like other Bethesda games, modders have stepped in with a inventory mod to fix Starfield’s inventory.

Starfield Star UI Mod Installation

The StarUI mod was created by m8r98af2 and can be found on Nexus Mods. Installing the mod is a simple process, but can be confusing for those who haven’t used mods before. Here is how to install and use the Starfield inventory mod.

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  • Vortex
    • Create a Nexus Mods account.
    • Download the StarUI mod with Vortex.
    • Install the file.
  • Manual Download
    • Download the mod file manually through Nexus Mods.
    • Place the StarfieldCustom.ini file in your Starfield folder.

You can create a Nexus Mod’s account and use Vortex to automatically install the StarUI mod or manually place and extract the files into your Starfield folder. Either option will enable the StarUI mod, it just matters if you want to create an account and use the Vortex program or do it yourself. I prefer manually installing my mods, but only because I don’t like downloading files if I don’t have too.

Once the mod is installed, simply launch Starfield and you will be able to enjoy the improved user interface when browsing your inventory. I highly recommend using StarUI if you can’t stand Starfield’s inventory management like me. It is worth noting using mods will disable achievements, but there is a mod to fix this problem as well.

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