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If you’re returning to ASTD on Roblox to check out the latest event, you’re in for a few surprises, and all of them are good! The summer event is upon us and it has loads going on, including new banners and worlds to explore. But the biggest talking point is the Aka Cape Canaveral Raid Event, where the rewards for participation include a limited legendary character. To find out how to join a Summer Event Team in ASTD for more chances for points, read on.

Roblox All Star Tower Defense Summer Event team guide

First, you need to decide which team you want to join. Each team is technically the same, so you’ll want to make your choice based on either loving the name or making sure you join the same team that your friends are in:

  • Hollows
  • Quincies
  • Soul Reapers

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Once you’ve decided on your ASTD Summer Event team preference, look out for a player wearing a special cape of the team you’re looking to join and ask them for an invitation to join, or just ask in chat. Once you’ve joined the team you can enter their team base through the gate you’ll find on World 1 (see image above). Once inside, you can enter the event with your teammates (or solo).

If you earn enough points in the event you can actually become a captain yourself and invite other players to the team! But gaining points will also get you event rewards, which is where you may be lucky enough to score the new and limited legendary unit. Good luck! 

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