How to light the pillars in Gerudo Desert in TOTK (Zelda Tears of the Kingdom)

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom features a whole new quest in the Gerudo Desert. After saving Gerudo Town from an invasion of Gibdo, Riju gives Link a cryptic puzzle involving lighting three pillars in the desert. Sadly, it’s hard to see these pillars in the middle of a sand storm. With some fancy flying, though, Link can get these pillars working.

How to find the pillars in Gerudo Desert in TOTK (Zelda Tears of the Kingdom)

All together this is one of the tougher quests in Tears of the Kingdom, but at least finding the first pillar is quite straightforward. Facing away from the throne room in Gerudo Town, players should see a clear pillar in the distance.

I found the best way to reach this pillar is to warp to Soryotanog Shrine first. This shrine is on top of the Gerudo Town throne room, so I was able to glide from that spot right to the pillar.

Break the rubble to expose the light beam beneath. This should shoot upwards at a mirror which reflects the light off to the distance; this will point out the direction of the second pillar.

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Players should head in this direction while using as many of the wind updrafts as possible. This makes it easy to check where the light is pointing.

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After a while, players will come across the second pillar, but it’s way to short to catch the light. Slightly next to that pillar is another platform with a steering wheel on top. Head to the wheel and push it around; this will cause the pillar to move upward, catching the light and reflecting it off to the south.

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Follow this new light beam to find the third pillar. This time, the mirror is catching the light, but it needs to move to the left so that the light beams can form a triangle. Inside the pillar are several sticks along with two green platforms that can stay in the air when activated.

Place a platform by the side so that Link can use it to Ascend into.

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After that, grab one of the sticks with Ultrahand and climb on top of the pillar, where players will find a broken wheel. The game “suggests” that the player fix the entire wheel, but Link only really needs one handle attached.

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From there, push the wheel around to connect the light beams, therefore lighting every pillar!

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