Super Mario 64 is a great playground to practice fun tricks and gimmicks. One of the biggest techniques to learn is the long jump, which, believe it or not, is helpful in any run of Super Mario 64. Yes, speedrunners rely on the long jump a lot (especially the illustrious backwards long jump), but even casual players can use the long jump to save Mario from death.

How can players perform a long jump in Super Mario 64?

In a nutshell, all that constitutes a long jump in Super Mario 64 is jumping while crouching. In order to actually go forward, though, Mario needs to already be in a sprint. Therefore, what players need to do is start running with Mario, press the crouch button and immediately jump afterwards. This will propel Mario forward in the air.

Here are the exact button presses needed to perform a long jump:

  • First, start running with the B button.
  • Then, click the crouch button (ZL on the Switch, S on the Nintendo 64).
  • Right afterwards, press the A button to jump.

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Why is the Long Jump important in Super Mario 64?

Image via Nintendo

There are plenty of areas in Super Mario 64 where the nearest platform for Mario is just out of reach of a normal jump. For instance, the long jump can help Mario get from platform to platform in Shifting Sand Land.

Image via Nintendo

The long jump is also a great escape tool for Mario if he finds himself in a bind. An example of where this would be useful would be the Chain Chomp in the middle of Bomb-omb Battlefield. This Chain Chomp can snap right onto Mario, and staying in that area too long could cost him his life. Using a long jump would put Mario out of Chain Chomp’s range, though.

Image via Nintendo

Speaking of Bomb-omb Battlefield, the long jump makes getting to King Bomb-omb much easier. As Mario ascends the spiral mountain to face him in the first Star mission, large bombs are constantly being thrown at him. Mario can use the bomb jump to quickly get out of blast radius, though.

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