Bethesda games and mods go hand in hand, and I’ve installed a few mods, mostly to fix Starfield’s tedious inventory management and other UI issues. Installing mods through Nexus Mods for the Steam version is a piece of cake, but you may face more trouble with the Game Pass version. That said, let’s look at how to install mods for Starfield on Game Pass.

How to Install Mods for Starfield on PC Game Pass

Installing mods for Starfield through PC Game Pass is more challenging than the Steam version. It is possible, but it will require a bit more work. Some mods may not work, but you should be able to get most working. Here is where to install mods for the PC Game Pass version of Starfield.

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  • Download the mod file manually through Nexus Mods.
    • Some mods may need to be extracted using a program like 7-Zip.
  • Go to the following location on your PC: C:\XboxGames\Starfield\Content\Mods
  • Place the downloaded and extracting mod files in this folder.
  • Launch Starfield.

You may need to create the mods folder if it is not already there. You can place downloaded mods here once you have found this location and created the mod folder. It is important to note the instructions when downloading a mod, as most will have instructions for the Steam and Game Pass versions. Follow the instructions for the appropriate version.

I recommend downloading and installing your desired mods one at a time. If you install a single mod, you can verify it works correctly. As you add more mods, some may not be compatible with one another and may cause Starfield to crash. If you install multiple at once, it can be difficult to identify which is the problem.

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