How to open all Slytherin Locks in Hogwarts Legacy


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It is easy to get lost and confused while finding Salazar Slytherin’s scriptorium in Hogwarts Legacy. I remember getting stuck in the Slytherin Locks room, running around to find the solution that was hidden in plain sight. It is natural to get stuck on this tricky puzzle, but fear not, as the solution to the Slytherin Locks is engraved on the doors inside the room. We figured out how to reach the scriptorium, and you can follow the detailed walkthrough below to beat this puzzle without breaking a sweat. Here is how can you solve the Slytherin Locks puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to solve Slytherin Locks in Hogwarts Legacy

Unlocking the Slytherin Locks is part of In The Shadow of the Study quest in which you help Ominis and Sebastian get inside Salazar Slytherin’s Scriptorium. Part of the quest requires you to solve Slytherin Lock puzzles to gain access to another room. You will find three lock dials with symbols and a snake guarding them on top. To solve the three snake puzzles, you need to match the symbols on the gate with the snake dials.

If you look around the room, you will find three different iron gates with symbols carved at their center. Each gate has two unique symbols which you have to match with the Slytherin Locks. Use the correct symbols with the locked dials and the gates will open. Use Q, E to rotate the top dial and A, D for the bottom dial on keyboard, or the equivalent buttons on controllers. All the solutions for the three Slytherin locks are mentioned below.

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How to solve the first Slytherin Lock in Hogwarts Legacy

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To unlock the first Slytherin lock, enter the first room which is on the left side of the main entrance and there you will find a snake dial. Use Confringo to light up the flambeau beside the locked dial. Look at the image above to see the symbols which match the snake puzzle and that will unlock the first gate.

How to solve the second Slytherin Lock in Hogwarts Legacy

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The second Slytherin Lock is in front of the main entrance and just beside it there is an iron gate with bars. Check the image above to see the symbols on the gate and use the same ones on the nearby locked snake dial. The gate has a circular shape on top followed by the shape of a snake at the bottom. Move the second Slytherin Lock dial with the same symbols and it will open the gate.

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How to solve the third Slytherin Lock in Hogwarts Legacy

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Use Lumos and enter through the second gate as it will lead you to the third and final locked snake dial. The final snake lock opens the main door in the corridor. Use Confringo to light up the flambeau beside it. Now see the image above to match the symbols. The gate has a jellyfish shape on top while the bottom has a shape like a pyramid. After unlocking the third gate in this room, you can continue with the rest of the quest. You will also find Noctua Gaunt’s notes which would indicate that she came down in search of the Scriptorium as well.

How to open Slytherin’s Scriptorium Door in Hogwarts Legacy

To get inside Slytherin’s Scriptorium, you need to light three braziers in the hallway. This must be done quickly using Confringo to light each of them on fire. If you are too slow, the braziers will extinguish but just keep trying until you get them all lit. With this part of the quest done, the door will open up the entrance to the Scriptorium. Cast Lumos and take the winding staircase that leads you to a room with a locked door. After using Revelio, you will find a broken stone wall. Use the spell Reparo to build it back up and read the message engraved. You have to ask Ominis to unlock the door with his Parseltongue. This is when you come across the Slytherin Locks in Hogwarts Legacy.

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