When Call of Duty: Warzone first launched, Plunder was one of the primary game modes alongside Battle Royale. It was meant to give players a casual experience of the large-scale map Verdansk. Although Plunder was initially absent from Warzone 2, it has been finally reintroduced with the Season 3 update.

How does Plunder work in Warzone 2?

Unlike BR, where squads battle to be the last team standing, players in the Plunder game mode compete for money. The first team to acquire $2 million cash or the team with the most cash at the end of the match wins. What makes Plunder more fun for casual players is the respawn feature that allows indefinite redeployment until the match is over. Therefore, this game mode was often used as to level up weapons by players who didn’t own the CoD multiplayer.

How to earn cash in Warzone 2

Plunder Tac Map (Screenshot by Pro Game Guides)

Players can earn cash in Plunder in the following ways:

  • Eliminating enemy players: Kill enemy operators and loot their dead bodies for any dropped cash. After a few minutes into the match, three top-earner and cash-hoarder teams are marked for everyone on the tac map. You can hunt them down for more cash.
  • Complete contracts: Complete the Bounty, Upload Intel, Safecracker, and Most Wanted contracts, and get rewarded with money.
  • Loot: Open supply boxes for cash and valuables. These loot items can be sold at Buy Stations for cash, which depends upon their value.
  • Strongholds and Abandoned Supply Cache: Clear out these facilities and loot them up for money, valuables, and gear.
  • Cash Drops: Secure these randomly dropped boxes for huge sums of cash.

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How to safeguard/deposit your cash in Plunder

You can hold the cash you’ve acquired over time with yourself, but you’ll lose a significant portion of the amount if you die. To safeguard your hard-earned money, you can deposit it from time to time using the Cash Deposit Balloon field upgrade available as loot and at Buy Stations. Furthermore, you can call in a helicopter at the Cash Deposit Helipad to secure your money.

How to use the Buy Station in Plunder

While money is the most important thing required to win a Plunder match, don’t refrain from using it to purchase combat gear and other essential items from Buy Stations. For instance, you can buy killstreaks that can be helpful in your survival and taking out enemies. You can also use these shops to sell valuables for cash and purchase primary weapons from your loadouts.

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