How to remove armor layers in Wartales


As you’d expect from a party-based strategic RPG, leveling up and equipping your companions with the best gear gives you a real edge in Wartales. Once you start to find some rarer armor pieces, you’ll notice some have one or more small circles on their image. These can have one or more armor layers added to them, boosting stats such as Strength and Armor. But what if you find a new layer that you want to add to an item that already has a layer added? Read on to find out how to remove armor layers in Wartales.

Wartales How to remove armor layers

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To remove an armor layer in Wartales, you will need to have the piece of armor equipped on a companion. You will also need to have at least one Raw Materials in your inventory per layer you want to remove. If you meet both of these requirements, simply shift and right-click the armor piece to remove the armor layer.

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It is important to note that both the armor layer and the Raw Material will be destroyed in the process. The exception is that if you have unlocked the 50 Layers Made perk, armor layers removed in this way will return to your inventory.

Note that adding or removing an armor layer will not affect the value of the equipment. Armor layers can be made by Blacksmiths at an anvil, but usually require rare ingredients such as White Leather that are only found as drops from Ghost Packs or from Tracker’s Camps. We’d suggest holding your better armor layers back for when you reach level seven or eight, as from then you’re less likely to change gear as often.

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