Fortnite Ranked Play is here and with it comes a whole new system for you to go through. There are also some cosmetic rewards to unlock, and here’s a look at everything you can get.

How to get the Fortnite Ranked Play rewards

There are a bunch of free cosmetics up for grabs, which is nothing new in Fortnite, and they are all available by playing Fortnite Ranked Play. You can unlock these by completing Ranked Urgent Quests that pop up at the start of every ranked match.

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The Ranked Urgent Quests consist of quests like dealing damage to opponents, placing in the top 50, surviving Storm Circles, and other things of that nature. You won’t have to worry about riding certain distances in a car or anything that doesn’t come naturally to just playing the game.

Every Fortnite Ranked Play reward

As for what players can unlock, there’s a lot on the table. Unfortunately, there isn’t a skin or pickaxe this time around, but that can certainly change once the next season of Ranked Play launches. This is what’s in store for players who complete the necessary amount of Ranked Urgent Quests.

  • Get in the Ring loading screen
  • Banner Icon
  • GG Gnarly Emoticon
  • Purrpendicular Spray
  • Banner Icon
  • GG Gleam Emoticon
  • Shark Surfers Spray
  • Banner Icon
  • Knuckles Up Emoticon
  • Quad Squad Spray
  • Burn Bright Emote

A whopping 50 Ranked Urgent Quests have to be completed to get everything, so you’ll have to certainly put in the time to get everything. If you’re having a good time and you’re able to complete each game’s quest, it will go a lot faster. Good luck out there!

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