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In Jedi Survivor, you can learn and master five different combat Stances that revolve around using the lightsaber. After learning that Kylo Ren’s signature Crossguard Stance will be in Jedi Survivor, we gave in to the dark side of the force and went on a widespread hunt to unlock this fighting style. The Crossguard Stance can be acquired on the Shattered Moon, but you need to progress in the storyline to unlock this planet first. Here’s how to unlock the Crossguard Stance in Jedi Survivor.

Where to get the Crossguard Stance in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

The Shattered Moon is a small satellite near Koboh, and Cal can visit this region after reaching Cere Junda’s base. Before setting off to research more about Dagan Gera, you’ll get an option to visit Koboh or The Shattered Moon. We recommend visiting the Shattered Moon first, as you can unlock the Crossguard Stance on this planet. 

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To unlock the Crossguard Stance, you’ll need to defeat Drya Thorn, one of the enemies from the Bedlam Raiders. This enemy carries a Crossguard lightsaber, and Cal can modify it after eliminating the enemy. Drya Thorne is located at the Abandoned Foundry near the Superstructure Fabricators meditation point. You will visit this area following the main storyline to find the High Republic device. Check the map image above to see the exact location of this meditation point.

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How to defeat Drya Thorne in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

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Drya Thorne can be a tricky enemy as this character can vanish and also uses a lightsaber. The vanishing technique also masks the opponent’s lightsaber, so you would have to depend on audio cues. Since Drya uses the Crossguard Stance, his attacks will have a long wind-up animation. 

However, attacks from the Crossguard Stance are stronger and can cut down Cal’s health within a few strokes. While fighting close to Drya, try to perform Precision Evades to regain Force Meter. Likewise, if you are trying to parry, activate the slow mode as it gives you ample time to react.

By now you would have unlocked the Blaster Stance, and it is highly effective against this enemy. The ideal method to follow is to create distance between Cal and Drya, shoot the Blaster, jump, and move in close to strike with the lightsaber. Striking Drya with the saber in the Blaster Stance recharges the gun, so you can repeat this method in combination with Force powers.

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