In Diablo 4, you will come across different types of chests while exploring the world, and most of them can be opened without doing anything. You’d also receive chests for clearing dungeons and defeating bosses throughout the game. Silent Chests are another type of chest you will encounter in the world, but unlike others, you will need a specific item to open them. Here’s how to unlock Silent Chests in Diablo 4.

How to get a Whispering Key in Diablo 4

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Silent Chests can be unlocked with Whispering Keys, and this item can be purchased from the Purveyor of Curiosities. To purchase a Whispering Key you need 20 Murmuring Obols, and this currency can be exceptionally rare to find. Thankfully, you will find a good amount of Murmuring Obols inside Silent Chests after unlocking them.

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How to get Murmuring Obols in Diablo 4

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Murmuring Obols can be earned by completing open World Events that pop up on your mini-map while playing the game. These events usually include defeating large groups of enemies, interacting with ghosts and NPC, destroying evil objects, and more. After completing the events, you can claim the loot from the chest, and they contain a good amount of Murmuring Obols. Completing different dungeons throughout the regions, and finishing side quests can also reward with a hefty amount of Murmuring Obols.

Is it worth getting Silent Chests in Diablo 4?

Absolutely, yes. It is worth unlocking all the Silent Chests you come across as they not only give Murmuring Obols, but also different types of gear items, gold, jewels, and more. Keep looking for these chests while exploring new areas, as you can always teleport back to purchase Whispering Keys.

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