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Rogue Demon is a great anime experience on Roblox to try out all types of fighting styles against other online players. Each moveset has different types of abilities, some that are required to be utilized in a combo with the others to maximize your damage and defeat your enemy more easily. The Eye Basket skill is among one the String style moves that require a little build-up to use. Here’s how!

How to use Eye Basket in Rogue Demon

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The first step to using Eye Basket is to make sure you select the String moveset on the main menu. Each icon represents a different fighting style. Be sure to select the icon, a figure with strings around them, shown above, and then press the Spawn button to jump into the action.

Now that you have the moveset equipped, you’ll spawn into the world with all the String abilities in your toolbar. Eye Basket is slot 4, but you won’t be able to use it until you complete the first move of the combo.

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To use Eye Basket, you must first perform a String Slash on your opponent to stun them. Select slot 2 from your toolbar and approach your opponent. To use String Slash, hold M2 on your mouse, the right button, and charge it up. Release M2 to swing toward your opponent and hit them with the Slash. This will stun them momentarily.

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Immediately after performing String Slash, select slot 4, Eye Basket, and press M1 to hit your stunned opponent with it. It will surround them with tons of red strings, trapping them and dealing damage. I practiced this a few times on the Stun dummy to get down the combo of skills together, switching from one to the other quickly before I tried to use it on a real player.

You can also perform another move, such as Fake Death, on your opponent while they are trapped in your Eye Basket to continue the combo and deal the most significant damage that you can. However, you’ll have to wait a while before performing Eye Basket again; it has a long cooldown time.

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