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Make way, make way—a new machine has been built in Pet Simulator X! This new machine, the Evolve Machine, can be found in Spawn World and adds an entirely new rarity, and enchantment, to the experience. Continue reading below to learn more about this new machine, including how to use it, what it offers, and if it’s worth it.

What does the Evolve Machine do in Pet Simulator X?

The Evolve Machine allows players to input certain Huge pets and turn them into their “evolved” versions. The specific pets that can be used in this machine are as follows:

  • Huge Hell Rock
  • Huge Cupcake
  • Huge Hacked Cat
  • Huge Pixel Cat
  • Huge Pterodactyl
  • Huge Peacock
  • Huge King Cobra

Any other Huge pet will not be compatible with the machine.

How to get an Evolved Pet in Pet Simulator X

The only way to obtain an Evolved pet is by using the Evolve Machine, or receiving one through trade. To use the Evolve Machine, you’ll need five of the Huge pets mentioned above (they can all be the same pet or mix and matched), and at least ten million spare Diamonds if you haven’t unlocked the Huge-A-Tron area already.

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When you’re ready to use the Evolve Machine, approach its circle to open the menu. Then, select any five of your applicable Huge pets to see your percentage chances. If you choose to mix and match what pets you’re using in the machine, your highest percentage will be whatever pet you selected the most of—ie., if you selected two Huge Hell Rock pets, one Huge Peacock pet, one Huge Hacked Cat pet, and one Huge Pixel Cat pet, the chance of you getting a Huge Evolved Hell Rock pet will be higher than getting any of the other pets you inputted.

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If you input five of the same pet, you will have a 100% chance of receiving that pet in its Evolved form. Each time you input pets, regardless of whether they’re all the same or not, there’s also a chance that the pet you get will be Rainbow and/or Shiny, but it’s an extremely small chance.

As a final reminder: When you’re ready to use the machine, be sure to keep in mind that, though you’re inputting five Huge pets into the Evolved Machine, you will only get one Huge Evolved pet in return! The other four pets will disappear forever.

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What is an Evolved pet in Pet Simulator X?

Evolving your pets will give them the Evolved enchantment, which means it “will always be significantly stronger than your best pets,” roughly x2-x3 stronger. The color of an Evolved pet will also vary from it’s standard Huge counterpart.

Are Evolved Pets worth it?

In our opinion, no—unless you’re someone who has tons of Huge pets to spare, deleting five of them in exchange for one that’s stronger isn’t worth it. Huge pets are already strong as is, so if you delete a majority of yours to make one Evolved pet, you could be worse off than you were before—in some cases, five Huge pets will be stronger than one Evolved pet and four standard pets. At the end of the day though, the decision is totally up to you!


That’s it for our guide on how to use the Evolve Machine in Pet Simulator X. Have you used this new machine yet? What pet(s) have you gotten? Let us know in the comments below!

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