Spawn is easily the most memorable character from the founding era of Image Comics, and he’s currently undergoing a comeback. Starring in several books and breaking modern comic book sales records, Al Simmons takes things back to the ’90s with his rediscovery. Of course, Todd McFarlane’s brainchild wasn’t Image Comics’ only book to launch, and another title is just as ripe for a revival.

wild dragon was another launch title from the company, and the long-running series is the brainchild of writer/artist Erik Larsen. Taking things in a more adult direction while still emphasizing superhero fun, the book has much of the same creative DNA as other successful superhero gory tales. This gives Savage Dragon the potential to claw his way to success not just in the comics but beyond.

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Savage Dragon was essentially an R-rated version of the Hulk

An amnesiac alien found in Chicago is known as the Dragon (due to his green skin and somewhat reptilian appearance). He would join the Moribund City police force. Armed with superhuman strength and tough, tough skin, Dragon became the number 1 weapon against the growing threat of the many amorphous “super monsters” in the Windy City. This problem only gets worse as many resident superheroes met their end, forcing Dragon to dispense justice with the super strong arm of the law.

Bombastic and action-packed, the wild dragon The series would present fairly basic superhero stories, albeit through a much gorier filter. Blood, guts, and gore fly frequently, with the effects of superpowers portrayed in a much more realistic (and humorous) way than in more conventional comics. Dragon is essentially a look at the effect that someone with the strength of the Hulk would really have on a big city, and the result is many times disastrous.

Beyond Dragon himself, there were several spinoff books and heroes that also dotted the universe, including Captain America’s cyborg SuperPatriot, as well as the superhero team Freak Force. That’s not to mention some characters in the public domain that have become part of the cast, including the original Golden Age Daredevil. Dragon’s son Malcolm is the current protagonist, with many more hilarious (and raunchy) stories involving his life with his wife and his many children. He’s a prime example of how a non-static superhero narrative can evolve, but also gives the franchise an opportunity to offer different types of stories and even books.

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Savage Dragon has the same potential as Todd McFarlane’s Spawn

Though he might lack chains and bags, grim and gritty ’90s character Savage Dragon is very much in the same vein as the likes of Spawn and Rob Liefeld’s various creations. This scarier and somewhat irreverent take on superheroes is equally similar to Garth Ennis. Boys and Robert Kirkman Invincible series, which have become huge hits through their adaptations on Amazon Prime Video. Savage Dragon could achieve the same things in a bold, bloody new cartoon on the streaming service, but the comics could also get an update.

At the moment there are five Appear titles published by Image Comics, but only one wild dragon book. This could be expanded upon with a similar push for Larsen’s creation, continuing Malcolm’s adventures on the main stage. wild dragon book, while a spin-off flashes back to the glory days of his father. Similarly, books showcasing the Freak Force and other heroes could be great ways to expand, while also having the stellar talent to attract new readers. This, along with Appear, would help create more self-contained superhero universes for older fans, existing as jumping off points if a live-action or animated adaptation is made. So while Savage Dragon might not currently have the same influence as Al Simmons, he could easily catch up with more books, relaunching of older adventures, and perhaps another big break outside of comics.


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