Kaiju Universe permits gamers to immerse themselves into the world of Japanese kaiju and expertise life as a terrifyingly-massive monster because it destroys cities, takes down different gamers, ranges up, and in the end turns into probably the most {powerful} being on the planet. The extra gamers stage up and trigger chaos, the extra G-Cells (forex) they may earn; the extra G-Cells they earn, the extra monsters they will unlock, together with the omnipotent Mechagodzilla 2021! So, how precisely do you acquire this monster? Proceed studying under to study extra.

Methods to unlock Mechagodzilla 2021 in Kaiju Universe

To unlock Mechagodzilla 2021, gamers must have a stage 50 Titanus Kong, a stage 50 Godzilla 2021, and a whopping 350,000 G-Cells—tremendous straightforward, proper! Fortunately, now we have a complete information that breaks down the way to earn G-Cells shortly, and the essential necessities for Godzilla 2021 are listed under.

  • 125,000 G-Cells
  • Stage 30 Godzilla 2014
  • Stage 30 Godzilla 2019

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For a more in-depth have a look at Mechagodzilla 2021’s stats/strikes, try the desk under.

Transfer Title Injury Cooldown Time Drain
Rival Roar N/A 10 seconds N/A
Maniacal Cackle N/A 10 seconds N/A
Turbo Strike 415/695 | 618/904 (with sprint) 1.7 seconds 12.5
Invigorated Kick 520/740 5 seconds 20
Surgical Stab 585/815.4 (292.5 x 2/407.25 x 2) 3.6 seconds 15
Proton Scream 1550/2550 (86.11 x 18/142 x 18) 30 seconds 60
Creeping Salvo 60/95 (per missile) 460/760 (whole) 14 seconds 30
Sprint N/A 5 seconds 15

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