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Whereas Hearth Emblem Interact is a strategic RPG at its core, there are numerous different actions you possibly can take pleasure in. Most of those are finished at Somniel and will let you change outfits, take heed to music, scan amiibo, and extra. This will likely go away you questioning the right way to unlock outfits, amiibo, and music in Hearth Emblem Interact.

The way to get all outfits in Hearth Emblem Interact

There are a lot of completely different outfits in Hearth Emblem Interact, in addition to other ways to get them. You’ll be able to change unit’s outfits, but it surely won’t have an effect on their stats or efficiency, simply bodily look. This additionally solely adjustments their outfit whereas in Somniel, not throughout fight. Listed below are all methods to get outfits in Hearth Emblem Interact.

  • Boutique
  • amiibo Gazebo
  • DLC

All appropriate amiibo and what they do in Hearth Emblem Interact

Hearth Emblem Interact is appropriate with varied amiibo from the Hearth Emblem collection. These will unlock varied outfits and music from prior entries within the Hearth Emblem collection. Different amiibo will reward you with varied gadgets. Listed below are all amiibo that work with Hearth Emblem Interact.

  • Byleth
    • Byleth Type Outfit
    • Fódlan Winds (Music)
  • Celica
    • Celica Type Outfit
    • With Mila’s Divine Safety (Music)
  • Corrin
    • Corrin Type Outfit
    • Finish of All (Beneath) (Music)
  • Ike
    • Ike Type Outfit
    • The Devoted (Music)
  • Leif
    • Leif Type Outfit
    • Let’s Go, Leif! (Music)
  • Lucina
    • Lucina Type Outfit
    • Future (Ablaze) (Music)
  • Lyn
    • Lyn Type Outfit
    • Wind throughout the Plains (Music)
  • Marth
    • Marth Type Outfit
    • Hassle! (Marth) (Music)
  • Micaiah
    • Micaiah Type Outfit
    • Echoes of Dawn (Music)
  • Roy
    • Roy Type Outfit
    • Beneath a New Gentle (Roy) (Music)
  • Sigurd
    • Sigurd Type Outfit
    • Finish of the Holy Warfare (Music)

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The way to unlock the amiibo Gazebo in Hearth Emblem

The amiibo Gazebo is unlocked on the finish of Chapter 5. This location will probably be added to northwest Somniel on the Orchard and can will let you use amiibo. These will allow you to unlock varied outfits and music tracks in Hearth Emblem Interact.

The way to get tickets in Hearth Emblem Interact

You’ll be able to obtain Music and Style Tickets by scanning Hearth Emblem amiibo on the amiibo Gazebo. You’ll be able to solely scan 5 amiibo a day earlier than it’s important to look forward to a interval of 24 hours. After this time, it is possible for you to to scan extra amiibo.

The way to change outfits in Hearth Emblem Interact

After you have unlocked outfits, you possibly can change them on the Boutique. Choose the Change choice and choose the outfit you want to change. As said earlier than, these outfits can solely be outfitted whereas in Somniel, and your characters will revert to their normal outfits in battle.

The way to take heed to unlocked music in Hearth Emblem Interact

After unlocking secret music in Hearth Emblem Interact, you possibly can take heed to it in Somniel. Head to your room after which work together together with your mattress. Choose the Reminisce choice, and it is possible for you to to take heed to the music you might have unlocked.

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