Probably the greatest methods to extend bonds in Hearth Emblem Interact is presents. Nonetheless, you will have to know the right gadgets to offer every character to realize their affection. Right here is every part it’s worthwhile to know concerning the social mechanic, together with whenever you truly unlock the Flea Market present merchandise store.

Finest presents to offer to each character in Hearth Emblem Interact

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Much like earlier entries within the franchise, Hearth Emblem Interact has a relationship system that may be progressed all through the marketing campaign. To be able to max out the help bonds of each character earlier than the story ends, although, you will have to make use of the sport’s present system. To keep away from losing an merchandise on a personality that does not truly need it, you will have to offer presents to the proper characters. Beneath is an inventory of one of the best Hearth Emblem Interact presents, and which characters pair nicely with every merchandise.

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Animal Treats

  • Amber, Chloe, Jade, Lapis, Merrin, Timerra

Antler Earrings

  • Goldmary, Celine, Panette, Merrin, Hortensia, Timerra, Rosado, Framme, Seadall, Fogado, Bunet, Pandreo


  • Yunaka, Jean, Mauvier, Diamant, Kagetsu, Saphir, Alfred, Etie

Bear Carving

  • Merrin, Amber, Lapis, Hortensia, Chloe, Goldmary, Rosado, Timerra, Jean, Jade

Butterfly Internet

  • Jade, Merrin, Lapis, Timerra, Jean, Chloe, Amber, Panette


Cute Apron

  • Hortensia, Goldmary, Rosado, Anna

Desert Marigold

  • Veyle, Mauvier, Bunet, Fogado

Dried Meat

  • Amber, Anna, Chloe, Diamant Etie, Fogato, Goldmary, Jean, Kagetsu, Mauvier, Merrin, Panette, Seadall, Timerra, Vander, Jean

Dragon Scripture

  • Framme, Jean, Clanne, Ivy, Celine, Boucheron, Chloe, Louis, Pandreo, Etie, Alfred, Vander

Elyos Historical past

  • Jean, Clanne, Ivy, Celine, Boucheron, Lindon, Alcryst, Citrinne, Diamant, Yunaka, Seadall, Jade, Veyle, Zelkov

Fairy-Story Guide

  • Alcryst, Boucheron, Celine, Citrinne, Chloe, Clanne, Ivy, Jade, Jean, Lindon, Pandreo, Seadall, Veyle

Fancy Dagger

  • Saphir, Mauvier, Diamant, Panette, Yunaka, Merrin, Kagetsu

Area Information

  • Jean, Jade, Lapis, Merrin, Amber, Panette, Chloe

Advantageous Quill Pen

  • Jade, Alcryst, Lindon, Citrinne, Anna, Vander, Hortensia, Clanne, Diamant, Ivy, Jean

Fishing Bait

  • Diamant, Saphir, Alcryst, Boucheron

Flower Wreath

  • Alfred, Fogado, Hortensia, Citrinne, Goldmary, Bunet, Louis, Veyle, Mauvier, Rosado, Celine, Etie, Framme


  • Alfred, Seadall, Fogado, Pandreo, Yunaka, Merrin, Timerra

Horse Manure

Panorama Artwork

  • Hortensia, Anna, Ivy, Zelkov, Rosado, Fogado, Kagetsu, Goldmary, Lindon, Boucheron

Giant Plate

  • Anna, Clanne, Fogado, Amber, Zelkov, Saphir, Rosado, Goldmary, Pandreo, Timerra, Lindon, Louis, Bunet

Lentil Flower

  • Veyle, Mauvier, Alfred, Celine, Louis, Etie Lily Veyle, Mauvier, Citrinne

Pretty Candle

  • Hortensia, Anna, Rosado, Fogado, Kagetsu, Goldmary, Pandreo, Celine, Veyle, Timerra, Framme, Seadall, Citrinne

Lupine Flower

  • Veyle, Mauvier, Hortensia, Rosado, Goldmary

Muscle Balm

  • Alcryst, Alfred, Amber, Etie, Citrinne, Diamant, Framme, Jade, Kagetsu, Lapis, Mauvier, Saphir, Yunaka

Enjoying Playing cards

  • Saphir, Timerra, Rosado, Fogado, Pandreo, Kagetsu, Veyle

Poetry Guide

  • Alcryst, Boucheron, Celine, Chloe, Clanne, Ivy, Jade, Jean, Lindon, Louis, Seadall, Veyle, Yunaka, Zelkov

Philosophy Guide

  • Lindon, Jean, Clanne, Ivy, Alcryst, Citrinne, Diamant

Fairly Pebble

High quality Kerchief

  • Timerra, Citrinne, Anna, Vander, Hortensia, Goldmary, Rosado, Clanne, Céline, Framme, Seadall

Roasted Yam

  • Amber, Bunet, Fogato Lapis, Lindon, Saphir

Stitching Equipment

  • Lapis, Anna, Zelkov, Vander

Sheep Wool

  • Lapis, Anna, Zelkov, Vander

Sharp Chisel

  • Anna, Kagetsu, Panette, Diamant, Merrin, Mauvier, Zelkov, Lindon, Yunaka, Lapis

Spicy Seasonings

  • Mauvier, Veyle, Panette, Chloe

Spirit Gem

Spooky Scroll

Sturdy Fragrance

  • Framme, Rosado, Celine, Seadall, Timerra, Goldmary, Hortensia

Tea Leaves

  • Amber, Anna, Bunet, Céline, Citrinne, Clanne, Etie, Goldmary, Ivy, Jean, Lindon, Louis, Zelkov

Coaching Weight

  • Alfred, Diamant, Etie, Framme, Kagetsu, Lapis, Mauvier, Saphir, Yunaka, Lapis

Utility Knife

  • Anna, Diamant, Saphir, Panette, Merrin, Amber, Kagetsu, Mauvier, Yunaka, Lapis, Zelkov

White Clover

  • Goldmary, Bunet, Alfred, Louis, Clanne, Ivy, Seadall, Lindon, Anna, Lapis, Amber, Zelkov


  • Amber, Anna, Bunet, Pandreo

The way to get presents in Hearth Emblem Interact

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On the very starting of the Hearth Emblem Interact story marketing campaign, it is possible for you to to seek out the Spirit Gem, Fairly Pebble, and Horse manure present gadgets as random drops on the bottom. When strolling round Somniel or ranges you’ve beat, you will notice yellow glowing dots in your radar. Merely stroll over the objects and choose them up for an opportunity to attain one of many three presents. Nonetheless, not like Hearth Emblem Three Homes, you will have to attend fairly a bit within the story earlier than you possibly can unlock presents which are particular to every character. The predominant methodology you’ll use to acquire presents is buying them with gold by means of the Flea Market store.

When can you purchase presents in Hearth Emblem Interact

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The Flea Market vendor is unlocked after finishing Chapter 13: Heroes of the Oasis, so you will have to progress midway into the story earlier than you can begin buying presents. After you have accomplished the principle story mission, head again to the Somniel Hub to routinely entry the brand new store. The quickest approach to attain the makeshift retailer is to warp to the Poolside quick journey level on the Somniel map. Not like the opposite distributors within the recreation, the Flea Market’s stock is rotated out and in. So in case you do not see the present you need, you will have to finish a battle and return to replace which presents are up on the market. A fast approach to refresh the shop’s inventory is to finish Skirmishes or Paralogues on the over world map.

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