Cookie Run Kingdom perhaps seems to be like a cute cartoonish motion sport, nevertheless it’s way more than that. This role-playing gacha title has some difficult levels that you’re going to really feel are not possible to complete. Certainly one of them is stage 14-10, with a seemingly impossibly troublesome boss battle. Here is how one can beat 14-10 in Cookie Run Kingdom.

Learn how to full Stage 14-10 in Cookie Run Kingdom

Which Cookies to make use of to beat 14-10 in Cookie Run Kingdom?

You may must improve your Cookies to at the very least degree 55 to beat 14-10 in Cookie Run Kingdom. Affogato is so robust that he might be leveled within the decrease 40s and nonetheless be very helpful. Use this social gathering to complete the stage with three stars:

  • Entrance: Darkish Cacao (with Swift Chocolate cookie topping)
  • Center: Affogato (with Searing Raspberry topping), Eclair (with Searing Raspberry or Swift Chocolate topping)
  • Rear: Cotton Cookie (with Stable Almond topping), Pure Vanilla (with Swift or Stable Almond Chocolate topping)

Which treasures to make use of for Stage 14-10 in Cookie Run Kingdom?

As it is a very powerful stage, choose treasures that assist you to deal a lot of injury within the shortest period of time attainable.

  • Bookseller’s Monocle – you will want this treasure for therapeutic. Strive upgrading it as a lot as you possibly can.
  • Outdated Pilgrim’s Scroll – improve this treasure to at the very least degree 5 so you possibly can rely on a 40% higher assault.
  • Squishy Jelly Watch – it is a frequent treasure, so you will most likely have sufficient time to improve it to degree 12. This manner, you will lower the cooldown for all Cookies by 25%.
  • Sugar Swan’s Shining Feather – one other nice epic treasure that revives the primary fallen Cookie. How a lot well being will your hero have after revival is dependent upon the extent of this merchandise.

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The most effective technique for beating 14-10 Cookie Run Kingdom

It will be greatest for those who did a number of essential issues to defeat the 14-10 boss in Cookie Run Kingdom. Firstly, be ready by placing the very best heroes in battle with the very best toppings and treasures. Comply with these directions to beat 14-10 in Cookie Run Kingdom:

  1. Put together your Cookies for a tough battle. Improve them as a lot as you possibly can, together with their abilities.
  2. Timing is the important thing! Hold Affogato’s particular talent (and everybody else’s that you could) whenever you get near the boss. You may want them obtainable for that final combat.
  3. Watch for the enemy behind the boss to turn out to be weak (have a look at the bar above its head), after which activate every part you’ve got. Most significantly, do not use Affogato’s talent but!
  4. As quickly because the smaller enemies die, activate Affogato’s talent on the massive enemy.
  5. Now all you must do is use specials till the boss drops useless.

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