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As you make your approach by way of The Dirge of Bilqis World Quest in Genshin Affect, you will ultimately free Liloupar, a Jinn in a bottle, from her tree of a cell. The tree will die after you accomplish that, however this alteration in setting will reveal an elective Weathered Obelisk puzzle so that you can remedy with a Luxurious Chest as your reward. This is tips on how to remedy it.

What symbols to make use of within the Weathered Obelisk puzzle at Liloupar’s Cell in Genshin Affect

To unravel this puzzle, you will must gentle up three Dendro pillars across the tree. Two of them are locked by Weathered Obelisk puzzles. The third will solely unlock after defeating a Consecrated Beast.

In Weathered Obelisk Puzzles you will be challenged by a set of brown stones with blinking symbols on them. You will must discover a corresponding set of obelisks hidden close by. These obelisks can have a stationary set of runes depicted on them. After discovering the stationary symbols, return to the obelisks with blinking symbols. Assault the obelisks with blinking symbols to alter the image that is displaying, till the symbols on the blinking obelisks match that of the obelisks with stationary symbols.

The primary Dendro pillar is close by the doorway to the cavern that Liloupar’s Cell is in. It is surrounded by three obelisks with blinking symbols dealing with towards the pillar. Destroying the bushes round this pillar will make it easier to clearly see all three obelisks. The matching stationary set is resting within the crumbling partitions throughout the cobblestone path.

In the event you do not need to memorize them, the three symbols pictured under. They seem like waves, a snake, and three dots. Assault the obelisks surrounding the pillar to unlock it, then apply Dendro to the unlocked pillar to gentle it up.

Screenshot by Professional Sport Guides
Screenshot by Professional Sport Guides

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The second Dendro pillar is to the correct of the big, lifeless tree that was Liloupar’s Cell. The blinking obelisks you will want to alter the symbols on are to the left of that pillar. And the stationary obelisks are far to the correct of the Dendro pillar, surrounding a smaller lifeless tree. Once more, the symbols you will want to indicate are pictured under. From left to proper they seem like two dots and a snake, a fancy H, and a triangle climbing stairs. Mild up the second Dendro pillar after you’ve got unlocked it.

Screenshot by Professional Sport Guides

The third Dendro pillar is behind Liloupar’s Cell and a bit to the correct. As you strategy it a Consecrated Scorpion will seem. Defeat it to unlock the pillar, then apply Dendro to it to gentle it up. As soon as all three pillars are lit, the Luxurious Chest will seem in entrance of the doorway to Liloupar’s previous Cell.

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