Sommie is a cute little bean who’s allegedly the guardian spirit of Somniel in Fireplace Emblem: Interact. Vander tells you to care for it and preserve it joyful, however not a lot of the rest. How do you do this? What occurs when you make Sommie joyful?

Tips on how to use Sommie in Fireplace Emblem Interact

For those who preserve Sommie joyful, it will provide you with a ton of Bond Fragments. These are objects you should use to craft Bond Rings and enhance the stats of your Interact Heroes.

The place to craft Bond Rings

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After the occasions of chapter 4, the Ring Chamber on Somniel will robotically unlock. For those who work together with the Central Pedestal within the room, you’re given the choice to do three issues:

  • Inherit Expertise
  • Create Bond Rings
  • Meld Bond Rings (or mix duplicates you get throughout Bond Ring creation)
  • Polish Rings

Apart from Sommie, you can even acquire Bond Fragments by triggering mid-battle dialogue and talking to your comrades post-battle. Sommie nonetheless provides essentially the most although!

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Tips on how to enhance bond with Sommie in Fireplace Emblem Interact

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You may solely make Sommie joyful by petting and feeding it meals. Solely your first pet of the (in-game) day will add to Sommie’s affection meter and reward you with Bond Fragments. Nonetheless, you’ll be able to feed it anytime.

There’s additionally an choice to decorate up Somniel’s guardian—although, it doesn’t actually add to its affection. Garments make it cuter or cool although! You may unlock extra attire by donating extra money and leveling up your relations along with your neighboring nations.

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