With the Shaded Readability furnishing, you may show fish inside your Serenitea Pot, bringing life to your digital dwelling. You may place as much as three Decorative Fish in every fish tank, and they’ll swim round fortunately. Nonetheless, there’s a strategy to additional customise these fish tanks. With precision and a secret digicam trick, you may place any furnishing inside your Shaded Readability fish tank. This is easy methods to put furnishings inside fish tanks in Genshin Impression.

How do you place furnishings inside a fish tank in Genshin Impression?

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To be able to put furnishings inside your fish tank, you need to first place the Shaded Readability tank in your Serenitea Pot. Then, zoom in so far as you may within the Edit mode. Transfer your digicam contained in the fish tank, and it is best to be capable of see the ground clearly, as if the tank weren’t there. Now, place the specified furnishing onto the ground. The dimensions of the furnishing does not matter, as this trick ignores object collision.

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You may freely transfer across the furnishing, as soon as you’ve got chosen it utilizing this methodology. You may even zoom out and make exact changes to the furnishing, though when you deselect it, you’ll have to zoom in to the ground to pick out it once more. Utilizing this trick, you may even stack furnishings on different furnishings, corresponding to inserting a lamp on a desk or setting decorations on a countertop. Nonetheless, you can’t place Companions or pets within the fish tank. Apart from that, you may set almost any object contained in the Shaded Readability tank.

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