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The Arcane spec for Mages is likely one of the strongest DPS’s inside Dragonflight. Nonetheless, it isn’t a straightforward spec to play and easy errors can drown your DPS. In case you’re thinking about enjoying the alluring Arcane Mage, then you definitely’ve come to the best place for builds. Here is all that we learn about Arcane Mage’s strongest expertise builds in WoW Dragonflight.

The Strongest Expertise Construct in WoW Dragonflight

Sadly, like Fireplace Mage, Arcane Mages actually solely have construct save for a couple of extremely minor decisions which are largely ill-relevant. Arcane Mages deal vital injury whereas they’ve 4 Arcane Expenses, making these moments probably the most opportune moments for bursts. The next construct seeks to use this via expounding multipliers from different skills and talents.

Arcane Mage: Arcane Echo Construct

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The crux of this construct depends upon abusing small home windows of utmost burst injury in speedy succession. As such, there are two capstone skills, and three core skills tied to to it:

  • Harmonic Echo – Gives a strong injury vulnerability of 20% for arcane spells
  • Arcane Concord – Gives a stacking injury buff to your subsequent Arcane Barrage per Arcane Missile hit. That is passive.

As well as, there are three core skills which are required to make this expertise construct work as properly:

  • Arcane Surge – Gives an enormous 35% increase to spell injury and 425% to mana regeneration for 15 seconds
  • Radiant Spark – Used because the catalyst potential for Harmonic Echo to take impact. Additionally gives an extra 10% vulnerability itself
  • Contact of the Magi – The crux potential that ties all the things collectively. Causes a goal to take 20% of all Arcane injury executed inside 10 seconds, after the power expires.

Different notable skills/skills for the construct are the next:

  • Rune of Energy – An enormous 40% injury increase to all spell injury as long as you stay inside it
  • Shifting Energy – Reduces the cooldowns of your spells. Primarily used for decreasing the CDs of Arcane Surge, Radiant Spark, and Contact of the Magi
  • Temporal Warp – A mini-bloodlust/heroism for solely you, meant for use whereas the Sated/Temporal Displacement debuffs are on you

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As you’ll be able to see, there are numerous shifting components to this construct, however the secret is deal as a lot injury as attainable throughout Contact of the Magi, in order that the follow-up burst is gigantic. Most of those skills and talents serve solely as injury multipliers for Contact of the Magi, so you will need to use them collectively to get the most important numbers.

Have 4 adjustments of Arcane Cost, activate Harmonic Echo, and thus, Radiant Spark, then solid Arcane Surge for the large spell increase. This will even place a Rune of Energy for you for a good greater increase. Subsequent, solid Radiant Spark adopted instantly by Contact of the Magi. Forged Arcane Blast till you get Arcane Missile procs. Forged Arcane Missiles, and end by casting a Arcane Concord-empowered Arcane Barrage simply earlier than Contact of the Magi ends. Then, repeat this course of till your enemy is lifeless.

This construct’s biggest weak point is its ridiculous complexity. All of its main cooldowns are tied collectively, so any misplay will result’s considerably decrease DPS. You will need to play it virtually completely at a continuing price, or your DPS will endure. In contrast to the opposite Mage specs, nonetheless, the DPS loss from messing up is not has unhealthy as a result of Arcane naturally has huge injury multipliers anyway. Nonetheless, the injury loss is big, so take your time and study the rotation.

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