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Fireplace Emblem Have interaction continues the Fireplace Emblem sequence, giving followers and newcomers alike improbable strategic motion. Nonetheless, it does implement new options that convey new angles and techniques to the sport, like Emblems, which could be geared up to characters by means of Emblem Rings. This may increasingly go away you questioning what one of the best Emblems in Fireplace Emblem Have interaction are.

All Fireplace Emblem Have interaction Emblems Ranked

Tier Emblem
S Byleth, Lyn, Marth, Sigurd, Tiki
A Celica, Ike, Leif
B Claude/Dimitri/Edelgard, Lucina, Micaiah,
C Corrin, Eirika, Roy

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Greatest Emblem in Fireplace Emblem Have interaction

Whereas there are numerous Emblems to make use of in Fireplace Emblem Have interaction, some outshine others. This doesn’t imply that the lower-tier Emblems are unhealthy, simply that these are one of the best. Listed below are one of the best Fireplace Emblem Engages Emblems.


Byleth is a assist Emblem that focuses on buffing allies. Byleth additionally helps an offensive fashion that focuses on putting enemies after which retreating. His Have interaction Ability can buff close by allies and will increase Luck and Hit once you use Arts. This makes Byleth extraordinarily good in a number of features of fight and provides his associate versatility.


Lyn is one other Emblem that gives wonderful assist and offense, notably for ranged items. She supplies elevated Luck and Hit for items geared up with bows, however right here Have interaction ability is the place Lyn actually shines. This permits her to create illusionary copies throughout the battlefield. These ranged doubles can present harm and management.


Marth is gained at first of Fireplace Emblem Have interaction and continues to be helpful all through. He depends on evasion and multi-attacks to outlive and defeat enemies. Marth will increase Keep away from, particularly when geared up with a sword consumer. Marth’s evasiveness permits his associate to keep away from harm altogether and defeat foes with out fear.


Sigurd is the last word hit-and-run Emblem, due to his elevated mobility when Engaged. This additionally means that you can transfer after attacking, which suggests you’ll be able to dart in and escape any likelihood for a counterattack. That is extremely highly effective in case you can reliably break items. Sigurd additionally supplies elevated Hit and Assault when geared up with a lance.


Tiki is a powerful defensive Emblem that additionally supplies assist. What makes her actually good is her skill to extend a unit’s progress, permitting you to successfully tremendous educated your characters. Tiki provides a passive buff to items that wait with out attaching or utilizing objects that restores their well being and cures them of standing situations. This can be a nice skill for items which might be within the frontline and take harm.

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