Sherbet Cookie is a Tremendous Epic Ranged Cookie that prioritizes the Center place within the crew. Being from the identical winter wonderland, he and Cotton Cookie are nice pals, and he is additionally affiliated with the Frost Queen. Sherbet Cookie is an especially versatile and meta-defining hypercarry unit that may do some little bit of all the things, from dispensing injury to making a defend and lowering enemies’ Debuff Resist.

Finest Toppings construct for Sherbet Cookie in CRK

Sherbet Cookie’s Ability is extraordinarily good as it could actually stack Frost, which implies that you need to spam it at any time when attainable. His finest Toppings can be:

  • Full Swift Chocolate construct – permits Sherbet Cookie to spam his Ability, maximizing his DPS output.
  • Full Strong Almond construct – an possibility if survivability is an issue, particularly within the Area.

For bonus stats, concentrate on each cooldown discount and DMG Resist. Some ATK can be helpful as nicely if attainable, though it is not an enormous precedence.

Finest Treasures for Sherbet Cookie in CRK

Sherbet Cookie is an incredible unit for the Area attributable to his extra injury towards Cookies. He is additionally a boss killer because of his jam-packed Ability, to the purpose the place he can solo Darkish Mode bosses. You will need to pair him with each DPS-boosting Treasures and universally-good choices:

  • Squishy Jelly Watch – a no brainer choose for cooldown discount.
  • Outdated Pilgrim’s Scroll – to spice up his ATK.
  • Sugar Swan’s Shining Feather – an possibility within the Area.

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Sherbet Cookie Ability information in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Frost Shards:

  • Summons 15 frost shards and divides them based mostly on the variety of targets, and assaults the enemies, biking between them within the order of the best ATK. Frost shards deal extra injury relying on the variety of Frost stacks.
  • Targets with frost shards are inflicted with Frost and Nullify Debuff Resist debuffs.
  • There’s a likelihood for hit targets to develop into Frozen as nicely. Frozen targets obtain extra injury when thawed. The quantity of this extra injury and the prospect of changing into Frozen will increase relying on the variety of Frost stacks.
  • Sherbet Cookie is partially resistant to Freezing and, because of the Heat Gentle of Life impact, will convert therapeutic that exceeds his Max HP to an HP Defend. Whereas Sherbet Cookie is utilizing his Ability, he’ll briefly develop into immune to interrupting results.

Ability specs:

  • Cooldown: 13 seconds
  • Frost Shards DMG: 39.3 % per Shard (+0.53 % per stage)
  • Frost: ATK SPD -5 %, Freezing DMG +50 % (capped at 350 %) for 16 seconds
  • Frost Extra DMG:
    • In opposition to Cookies: 49.2 % per Shard
    • In opposition to Others: 15 % per Shard
  • Nullify Debuff Resist: nullifies 30 % of Debuff Resist for 16 seconds; stacks as much as as soon as
  • Freezing: freezes the goal for one second with an 8 % likelihood, the prospect is elevated by 2 % per stack of Frost
  • Freezing DMG: 42.2 % of ATK
  • Frost Resistance: Sherbet Cookie will get -50 % to Freezing DMG and length
  • Heat Gentle of Life: 55 % of Therapeutic exceeding Max HP is transformed to HP Defend (capability is capped at 30 % of Max HP)

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