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When taking part in ARK: Survival Developed, you may come throughout a big, tiger-like creature often called a Thylacoleo. They’re primarily discovered within the Redwood Forest biome and have confirmed themselves to be very robust mounts. The Thylacoleo is extremely aggressive and can assault something in its sight. In addition they have the power to climb up 90-degree angles, letting you climb up timber whereas on a tamed one’s again.

tame a Thylacoleo in ARK

Earlier than you may tame a Thylacoleo, it’s important to hunt one. Set down a couple of bear traps after you have discovered one, and get in its field of regard. As soon as it locked eyes with you, you may need to lure it towards the bear entice. As soon as it will get caught within the entice, you may need to shoot it unconscious and feed it both Kibble or Uncooked Meat by inserting it in its stock. You should use Narcoberries in an effort to be certain that it stays down till it is tamed.

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feed a Thylacoleo in ARK

Feeding one among these dinosaurs is so simple as inserting meals in its stock. Nonetheless, Thylacoleo are carnivores, just like Pteranodon, which signifies that there are particular meals that they get pleasure from greater than others. We listed all of them under:

  • Extraordinary Kibble
  • Uncooked Mutton
  • Uncooked Prime Meat
  • Uncooked Prime Fish Meat
  • Uncooked Meat
  • Uncooked Fish Meat

breed a Thylacoleo in ARK

With a purpose to breed Thylacoleos, gamers should first guarantee they’ve each a female and male and their enclosure must be spacious sufficient to accommodate each. Gamers can then provoke breeding by setting the dinosaurs to Wander or by deciding on the Pair possibility, although you will need to notice {that a} participant should be current throughout the breeding course of or it would cease.

The breeding interval for Thylacoleos ranges from 18 to 48 hours and as soon as mating is profitable, the feminine Thylacoleo might be pregnant for 4 hours. After this time, gamers can anticipate to welcome a brand new child Thylacoleo. As a child, the dinosaur would require extra care within the type of meals being positioned in its stock for five hours after it is born. Gamers also needs to have in mind the imprinting intervals, which happen each 8 hours, in an effort to maximize the child’s stats.

As soon as the Thylacoleo reaches juvenile standing, it will likely be capable of feed itself from troughs. The overall maturation time for this dinosaur is roughly 2 days and 1 hour.

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