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As a Tenno, getting the very best mods is certainly one of your prime aims as you loot and shoot your method via waves of enemies in Warframe. Mods are attachments that attribute bonus stats and results to your warframe, weapon, or your companion. Probably the greatest mods for mid-to-late sport gamers is the Blind Rage mod. It is a mod you can equip to your warframe for a big skill power buff, nevertheless it comes at a value. Learn on to learn the way Blind Rage works, and how one can receive it in Warframe.

What’s Blind Rage in Warframe?

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Blind Rage is a Corrupted warframe mod that considerably will increase your warframe’s skill power, whereas concurrently lowering skill effectivity. Which means whereas you’ll be doing much more harm along with your skills, however they will even price extra vitality to make use of.

Despite the fact that the detrimental impact to skill effectivity is kind of excessive at max rank (-55%), Blind Rage could be a superb mod for the best construct. For instance, at rank 5 Blind Rage does 24% extra skill power in comparison with that of Intensify. Subsequently, pairing Blind Rage with a max rank Streamline mod will mitigate the detrimental skill effectivity impact, whereas additionally offering elevated skill power. The next is the development of stats for Blind Rage mod in Warframe.

Rank Capability Power Capability Effectivity Price
0 9% -5% 6
1 18% -10% 7
2 27% -15% 8
3 36% -20% 9
4 45% -25% 10
5 54% -30% 11
6 63% -35% 12
7 72% -40% 13
8 81% -45% 14
9 90% -50% 15
10 99% -55% 16

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Learn how to get the Blind Rage mod in Warframe

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Blind Rage could be obtained by opening the Orokin Vaults within the Orokin Derelict tileset. These vaults could be discovered on any mission map on Deimos, besides the Cambion Drift, Hyf, Xecuias, and Magnacidium. Opening these vaults require the participant to hold a particular Dragon Key. There are a complete of 4 Dragon Keys, and they are often obtained from the Orokin Analysis Lab on the Dojo. It’s price noting that every Dragon Key comes with a selected debuff that applies to the participant carrying it. The next are all of the Dragon Keys and their corresponding debuffs in Warframe:

  • Bleeding Key: -75% Well being
  • Extinguished Key: -75% Injury
  • Decaying Key: -75% Defend
  • Hobbled Key: -50% Pace

After getting the required Dragon Keys, head over to any mission on the Orokin Derelict tileset, after which seek for the Orokin Vault. As soon as you discover it, use the Dragon Key required to open the vault, after which decide up the Orokin artifact contained in the vault. Then, full your mission to seek out out what mod you obtain. The Blind Rage mod has a 4.35% probability of dropping from Orokin Vaults. To extend your probabilities of acquiring it, we recommend operating the Extermination on Phlegyas, since fewer variety of rooms spawn on this mission.

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