Kuva weapons are essentially the most sought-after endgame objects in Warframe. When Kuva weapons initially dropped, gamers might see plenty of familiarity with current weapons. Kuva weapons are a particular, souped-up variation of already current weapons. You may get these weapons by defeating the Kuva Lich, who could be very highly effective and difficult to defeat, however the worth is price it because the Kuva weapons are essentially the most highly effective within the recreation. Here’s a tier checklist of all Kuva weapons in Warframe.

Tier checklist of all Kuva Lich Weapons in Warframe

Tier Weapons
s Kuva Nukor, Kuva Bramma, Kuva Ayanga, Kuva Zarr, Kuva Chakkhurr
a Kuva Brakk, Kuva Tonkor, Kuva Seer, Kuva Hek
b Kuva Quartakk, Kuva Kohm, Kuva Hind, Kuva Karak
c Kuva Ogris, Kuva Shildeg, Kuva Drakgoon
D Kuva Grattler, Kuva Kraken

All Kuva Weapons in Warframe, ranked

S Tier

Kuva Nukor

Kuva Nukor is without doubt one of the strongest secondary weapons in Warframe. It is a beam weapon that may join with a number of enemies and provides you an extra essential probability. These properties, coupled with a 5x essential harm multiplier, make this weapon a must have for all Tenno.

Kuva Bramma

Kuva Bramma is an outsized bow firing explosive bolts that explode on influence, delivering a small cluster of explosives upon contact. It affords 839 Blast harm and 35% essential probability per shot. Combining it with elemental mods and hunter munitions will provide you with an unimaginable AOE weapon. Its solely draw back is the small ammo capability.

Kuva Ayanga

This weapon is a Kuva Arch-gun, belonging to Archwings. It fires explosive rounds which journey in an arc, dealing Blast harm primarily. In my expertise, it’s undoubtedly the very best gun you will get for Archwing or Necramechs. It has good all-around base stats that dominate some other alternative.

Kuva Zarr

The Massive Kuva Shotgun. Kuva Zarr is without doubt one of the strongest major weapons within the recreation and extremely satisfying to make use of. Blasting hordes of enemies in entrance of you has by no means been this simple, not for the reason that unique Zarr turned out there. Kuva Zarrr gives the identical expertise, with essential and standing possibilities being considerably buffed.

Kuva Chakkhurr

This Kuva weapon has no peculiar, non-Kuva equal. It’s a utterly unique idea. It’s a flintlock-styled rifle that offers unimaginable quantities of explosive single-target harm. It is excellent for touchdown high-damage headshots.

A Tier

Kuva Brakk

This Brakk variant of a well-known shotgun pistol affords a bigger journal, higher fireplace charge and ammo reserve, extra base harm, and higher essential and standing possibilities. It has a big harm falloff at long-distance capturing, however you possibly can counter that with the Deadly Momentum mod. It offers Affect harm.

Kuva Tonkor

Authentic Tonkor is a legendary weapon amongst all Tenno, with its harm output being undisputed for a very long time. That got here to a halt with the introduction of Stagger within the recreation, making the weapon considerably much less fascinating. This downside lingers on the Kuva variant, sadly. Self-stagger and a small ammo reserve are the one causes Kuva Tonkor is not within the S Tier. It packs a stronger punch, better AOE impact, and better standing and demanding possibilities. The arming distance of grenades is eliminated, and the blast radius is about at seven meters. Upon direct influence, they trigger a knockdown, and the explosions can undergo partitions.

Kuva Seer

This Grineer pistol’s Kuva variant considerably boosts harm, essential probability, essential multiplier, standing probability, charge of fireplace, and reload pace. Its solely draw back is a diminished ammo capability, which is unlucky.

Kuva Hek

This Kuva model is a buffed Hek shotgun version with a lift to essential and standing probability and harm falloff vary. The distinctive skill of this shotgun is that it may possibly fireplace 4 instances without delay utilizing Alternate Fireplace.

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B Tier

Kuva Quartakk

This Kuva variant affords higher essential and standing possibilities than the common Quartakk. Burst fireplace is noticeably simpler on this quadruple rifle, and it is best to forgo utilizing the complete auto mode always.

Kuva Kohm

Kuva Kohm is a big improve over the usual variant of the Kohm auto-spool shotgun, a minimum of on paper. It affords a buffed standing probability, essential probability, and an elevated charge of fireplace. The draw back is a diminished ammo reserve and a a lot harsher harm falloff in comparison with the common weapon variant.

This creates a dilemma, nonetheless. Kuva weapons are normally the stronger variants of their common counterparts, however this is not essentially the case with Kuva Kohm. The common Kohm’s efficiency will be considerably boosted utilizing the Riven mods. In the event you’re prepared to take care of Riven mods and their downsides, the common Kohm is usually a a lot better alternative than its Kuva counterpart. In any other case, it is best to most likely persist with Kuva Kohm.

Kuva Hind

Kuva Hind is an improve over the common Grineer model of Hind, with a big buff to all stats throughout the board, however on the expense of a slower reload pace. It offers Slash harm and has a full auto mode out there along with its burst fireplace and five-round burst. Biking via fireplace modes additionally adjustments Kuva Hinds’s stats indirectly. Semi-auto crits extra, whereas full-auto dishes out standing results extra shortly.

Kuva Karak

This Kuva model of Karak gives important stats upgrades throughout the board. With 31% standing probability, 2.1x multiplier,23% essential probability, and 23 base harm, you’ll not discover this assault rifle wanting. Moreover, the Kuva variant affords greater accuracy, partially buffed by decreased weapon recoil.

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C Tier

Kuva Ogris

Kuva Ogris is a successor to the unique Ogris rocket launcher. Dealing Blast harm as anticipated, this Kuva variant additionally brings a semi-automatic fireplace, rising harm to 687 factors and standing possibilities by 47%. The one draw back is a considerably nerfed ammo economic system, barring this weapon from greater tiers.

Kuva Shildeg

A Kuva variant of a Grineer warfare hammer known as Shildeg, this Kuva weapon brings the very best essential multiplier of all hammers within the recreation. The essential multiplier can also be buffed to 2.7x, the essential probability to 31%, and the 60% progenitor buff. These upgrades will simply place Kuva Shildeg on prime of S Tier if the weapon is not primarily based on dealing Affect and Puncture harm that are the worst within the recreation.

Kuva Drakgoon

This Kuva variant of the Kraken burst-fire pistol affords bigger bursts, greater criticals and standing possibilities, better fireplace charge, and journal capability. The weapon particularly shines once you use its various fireplace mode, which might empty its journal immediately, meting out copious quantities of injury. Sadly, extra is required to maintain up with right this moment’s meta, and Kuva Drakgoon underperforms considerably in comparison with different weapons from this tier checklist.

D Tier

Kuva Grattler

Kuva Grattler is a modified model of the usual Grattler flak cannon for zero-gravity fight. That is the one case the place the Kuva counterpart is actually underperforming in comparison with the usual model. The Kuva variant has a better essential and standing probability and a much bigger essential multiplier, nevertheless it has a considerably nerfed base harm.

Kuva Kraken

Kuva Kraken is a considerably improved variant of the Kraken burst-fire pistol, which most gamers regard because the worst basic weapon in Warframe. Kuva Kraken brings higher stats throughout the board, which the bottom model of this gun sorely missed. The weapon’s various fireplace mode makes it usable, nevertheless it stays lackluster in comparison with right this moment’s requirements.

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