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In Warframe, you possibly can construct a plethora of weapons with distinctive properties which embrace every part from blades, to plasma beams. Nonetheless, the true path of the Tenno is solid in metal. As such, melee weapons are among the strongest weapons to wield whereas laying waste to hordes of enemies. Other than Modular Weapons like a Zaw, there are over 180 melee weapons within the sport, a few of that are inevitably higher than the remainder. The next are the eight finest melee weapons in Warframe, ranked.

Finest Melee Weapons in Warframe, ranked

It’s price mentioning that whereas all Prime weapons have their default counterparts, the primed variations all the time boast greater base stats, in addition to extra polarity slots. Moreover, every weapon have a Mastery Rank requirement that gamers want to fulfill to acquire them. That being mentioned, the next are the very best melee weapons to make use of in Warframe.

8 – Sigma & Octantis

Required MR:

The Sigma & Octantis is a sword and defend combo that may be obtained totally free from the Day by day Tribute system on day 300. This weapon primarily offers tons of slash harm to enemies, which might be additional constructed upon by utilizing the Last Harbinger Stance mod which options excessive harm slashing strikes. It additionally has the best base assault velocity of all sword and defend melee weapons, and a base essential probability of 28%. Moreover, it has a passive block which shops cost from blocking assaults. Every cost offers elevated essential probability and standing probability till they’re consumed. All in all, the Sigma & Octantis is a superb melee weapon which any participant can get with a little bit of perseverance and endurance.

7 – Vastilok

Required MR:

The Vastilok is a gunblade that’s of Grineer origin that may be obtained from Baro Ki’Teer for 325,000 Credit, and 550 Ducats. This gunblade operates like a shotgun at vary, and fires 9 pellets at base stats. It primarily offers slash harm, and is nice for tearing down enemy shields. Pair it up with the Shattering Impression mod, and every pellet goes to contribute to decreasing enemy armor. Moreover, it options the best standing probability of all gunblades, together with a really excessive essential probability. Utilizing the Excessive Midday Stance mod on this weapon will additional improve its slash potential, making it an ideal melee for nearly any warframe.

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6 – Twin Keres Prime

Required MR:

The Twin Keres Prime is the extra deadly, deadlier model of Khora’s signature weapon. This twin blade is one more weapon which offers heavy slash harm that may rip by means of hordes of enemies with ease. It options the best assault velocity of twin swords, solely behind the Nami Skyla Prime. It additionally has excessive essential and standing probability. To maximise this weapon’s potential, pair it up with the Swirling Tiger Stance mod, coupled with mods to extend your essential harm, essential probability, vary, and assault velocity.

5 – Stropha

Required MR:

The Stropha is a robust gunblade of Corpus expertise, and might be obtained from the Granum Void, and the Jackal Assassination mission. This weapon options the best base harm, essential probability, and significant multiplier of all gunblades within the sport. It does slash harm on its melee assaults, and offers heavy impression harm on it is ranged assault. The ranged assault offers harm in a cone formed radius in entrance of you, and may impression a variety of targets. Moreover, the projectiles have innate punch-through. Pair it with the Bullet Dance Stance mod, because it matches with the weapons Madurai polarity. Total, the Stropha is a gunblade to clear camps of enemies in one-shots.

4 – Nami Skyla Prime

Required MR:

The Nami Skyla Prime is the primed model of the sword and dagger combo. It has the best assault velocity of all twin swords in-game, and the second-highest standing probability. That includes a good base harm, it primarily focuses on dealing slash based mostly multi-hit combos to targets at blitzing velocity. For Stance, the Swirling Tiger mod works wonders to double down on this weapon’s slashing potential. The Nami Skyle Prime is nice for slicing by means of enemies at shut vary, and may tremendously profit with mods like Gladiator May, and different mods to extend essential probability, essential multiplier, and assault velocity.

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3 – Nepheri

Required MR:

The Nepheri are the signature twin daggers of Archon Amar, and might be obtained by gamers by finishing Narmer Bounties. These twin daggers have a singular impartial combo the place the participant does two frontal slashes, after which releases 4 fireballs in succession that deal 50% of the weapon’s base harm as Warmth harm to enemies. It additionally options the best base harm, highest standing probability, and the longest vary of all different twin daggers. For those who’re in search of a weapon to always proc fireplace harm on enemies, the Nepheri is certain to turn into certainly one of your favourite toys within the arsenal.

2 – Kronen Prime

Required MR:

The Kronen Prime is among the hottest melee weapons in Warframe. These tonfas function the best essential probability of all tonfas in-game, and in addition boast the second-highest base harm and standing probability inside all weapons on this class. Within the Stance slot, this weapon advantages from Gemini Cross, which provides to the Kronen’s slashing potential. Mods like Shattering Impression can also be nice for stripping down enemy shields. All in all, whether or not it’s constructed for straight up slash-and-dash, or to maximise elemental harm towards particular factions, the Kronen Prime is a stable selection for a melee weapon for nearly any goal in Warframe.

1 – Nikana Prime

Required MR:

The Nikana Prime is among the hottest and wanted weapons by the Tenno at massive, and we might be mendacity if we mentioned it was not for its smooth aesthetic. Nonetheless, the Nikana Prime additionally occurs to be one of many melee weapons total, due to the truth that is boasts the best essential probability and significant multiplier of all nikanas in Warframe. Moreover, it options the second-highest standing probability and assault velocity of all nikanas. Blind Justice is the perfect Stance mod to equip onto this weapon as it can improve its slash harm, whereas additionally bumping your mobility with quick, sweeping assaults. Owing to it is excessive standing probability, the Nikana Prime can also be an ideal sword for hybrid builds using elemental harm. The good base stats, coupled with the truth that it actually makes you are feeling like a ninja in house, is why the Nikana Prime is probably the very best melee weapon in Warframe.

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