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Unova Stones are essential gadgets in Pokémon GO, as there are a number of Pokémon which have evolutions depending on the Stone. Whereas they’ve a huge impact on a participant’s Pokédex, they are often very troublesome to come back by. There are a couple of sure-fire methods to get your arms on one although.

The place to get Unova Stones in Pokémon GO

Unova Stones are far more troublesome to get than different comparable evolution gadgets, like Sinnoh Stones, with the one actual methods to get them being Area and Timed Analysis.

Finishing Area Analysis Duties

When gamers full Area Analysis, they may obtain a stamp for that day. Finishing sufficient Area Analysis to get seven stamps will end in a big reward on the ultimate day. This reward has the prospect to include a Unova Stone and, whereas it’s a low probability, it’s the most dependable method for gamers to get ahold of 1.

Finishing Timed Analysis

Often, throughout occasions and celebrations, Niantic provides gamers the prospect to acquire a Unova Stone by way of Timed Analysis. This Analysis is normally solely accessible for a restricted time and there isn’t any assure {that a} Unova Stone might be included as a reward, however it’s one thing gamers ought to hold an eye fixed out for.

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Pokémon that evolve utilizing the Unova Stone

In contrast to the Sinnoh Stone, there aren’t a ton of Pokémon that evolve utilizing the Unova Stone, however it’s nonetheless an vital merchandise for gamers attempting to fill their Pokédex. It is very important observe that the majority of those Pokémon would require Sweet along with the Unova Stone to evolve. The complete record of present Pokémon that evolve with the Unova Stone may be discovered beneath:

Child Pokémon Advanced Pokémon
Pansage* Simisage
Pansear* Simisear
Panpour* Simipour
Munna Musharna
Eelektrik Eelektross
Minccino Cinccino
Lampent Chandelure

*The Pokémon marked with an asterisk are at the moment Regional Pokémon and are solely accessible in sure areas.

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