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One of many types of content material for gamers to expertise in Roblox Blox Fruits are Raids. Raids are a type of content material the place gamers can tackle enemies, bosses, and different challenges for rewards and enjoyable. Usually, Raids require a gaggle of gamers to finish, however with the addition of the Ghoul race into Blox Fruits, gamers have been determining tips on how to solo Raids as a consequence of its distinctive skills.

Finishing the Buddha Raid solo in Roblox Blox Fruits

Setup for finishing the Buddha Raid solo

Earlier than you begin the Buddha Raid, you are going to must set your self up for achievement. One of the best setup for soloing this Raid is as follows:

  • 2,000 stat factors in Melee.
  • 2,000 stat factors in Protection.
  • The remainder of your stat factors into Blox Fruit.
  • Your character have to be Ghoul race and be the V2 model.
  • It’s endorsed you equip the Ghoul Masks.

This setup will permit you to dish out a ton of injury whereas taking as little punishment as potential through the Raid. The explanation this setup wants Ghoul V2 is because of this model’s distinctive Lifesteal passive, which heals you in your melee injury performed.

With this setup, you at the moment are able to tackle the Raid alone. Beneath you may discover every stage of the Raid in addition to methods to make it simpler.

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All Buddha Raid levels and methods

Island One

On Island One, your enemies will include small human fighters that carry out distinctive twister and power blast assaults. Your finest technique is to kite these enemies in circles whereas attacking them, as this can permit you to naturally dodge a lot of their telegraphed assaults. Together with your maxxed out protection and Lifesteal, that is going to be the simplest stage.

Island Two

On this Island, the human fighters will carry out new assaults corresponding to knock-ups and dashes that deal extra injury and serve to crowd management you. The knock-ups might be particularly harmful in the event that they chain them, as they are going to maintain you within the air to take constant injury. Nonetheless, performing the technique from the primary island will serve you properly right here.

Island Three

Island Three will begin in the identical method as Island Two, with human fighters performing the identical strikes for the primary half of the combat. Nonetheless, the second half of the combat encompasses a new enemy, that enemy being a Buddha. This enemy is way stronger than the human fighters and poses an actual risk to your run. The one transfer it’s worthwhile to be careful for is its explosion skill, as this offers large injury. Nonetheless, it’s telegraphed by the Buddha elevating each arms up above its sides and head and might be baited by getting near the Buddha after which operating away. It is not going to spam the explosion skill, so when you bait it out, you’ll be able to then sprint in and take down the Buddha shortly.

Island 4

Island 4 will characteristic a number of Buddhas without delay in addition to human fighters with a brand new lightning skill that stuns you in place for a few seconds. This skill could be very harmful together with the Buddha explosions and may spell doom in your run, so you’ll want to kite as a lot as potential and take down the human fighters first. After this, carry out the baiting technique from Island Three to take down the Buddhas.

Island 5

Island 5 is the ultimate island and the hardest, because it encompasses a ton of Buddhas adopted by the ultimate Buddha boss. The boss will spawn whereas the Buddhas are constantly spawning, however the Buddhas do have a finite quantity of spawns, so killing them will likely be your first goal. Kiting and baiting the explosions whereas avoiding the principle boss is your finest technique, and after bringing down the smaller Buddhas merely circling the Buddha boss whereas hitting it for Lifesteal will likely be sufficient to finally convey it down, thus finishing the Buddha Raid.

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