Alhaitham is Akademiya’s dependable scribe and a Haravatat graduate who spends most of his time grinding away at difficult books and doing this as effectively as doable. Whereas preferring to not idly waste time, he does have first rate culinary expertise. His Particular Dish is known as the Best Circumstance, a variation of the Sabz Meat Stew.

Methods to get Alhaitham’s Particular Dish Recipe in Genshin Affect

You should buy the Recipe for Sabz Meat Stew from Lambad’s Taven, which is situated beside the southern Teleport Waypoint in Sumeru Metropolis. Communicate with Lambad to open the store menu and buy the Recipe for Sabz Meat Stew for 4,500 Mora—a one-time buy that can assist you to prepare dinner as many as you want.

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Methods to prepare dinner Best Circumstance in Genshin Affect

You may prepare dinner Best Circumstance on any range utilizing Alhaitham. It is sadly not doable to prepare dinner the Particular Dish if you have not pulled him. Work together with any bonfire or range to open the cooking menu and choose Sabz Meat Stew, which could be made with the next elements:

  • x2 Uncooked Meat
  • x2 Snapdragon
  • x2 Onion
  • x1 Spice

Onion could be bought from normal items shops, whereas Spice could be bought from comparable shops or processed utilizing Harra Fruit. If Alhaitham cooks Sabz Meat Stew, there is a probability for him to make Best Circumstance as a substitute. The precise charge for cooking Particular Dishes is unknown, nevertheless it works on each Handbook and Auto Prepare dinner modes.

Distinction between Sabz Meat Stew & Best Circumstance in Genshin Affect

Whereas these two Dishes look visually completely different, they provide the same restoration operate that is helpful in any crew. Should you’re uninterested in Candy Madames and Pet Paw Hash Browns, these Dishes make nice alternate options.

  • Sabz Meat Stew – Restores 30/32/34 % of Max HP and a further 600/1,250/1,900 HP to the chosen character.
  • Best Circumstance – Restores 40 % of Max HP and a further 2,350 HP to the chosen character.

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