Hello-Fi Rush is a rhythmic motion sport that includes a story of overthrowing company energy set to a slapping soundtrack. As you bop alongside and rock out, you’ll earn achievements. Carry out to the beat, and you’ll unlock extra achievements to indicate off your talent.

Easy methods to unlock all Hello-Fi Rush Achievements

There are 61 achievements in Hello-Fi Rush, a few of that are secret achievements. Needless to say a few of these might have spoilers. Listed here are all achievements in Hello-Fi Rush.

  1. Feeling the beat!
    • Land 20 beat-hit assaults on enemies.
  2. You possibly can pet the cat!
    • Play with 808 within the hideout.
  3. Does that say weakpoint?
    • Destroy QA-1MIL’s face, revealing its disgrace.
  4. Who put gears in there?
    • Destroyed your first golden statue of Kale.
  5. Thanks for the free chip, Peppermint!
    • Buy and equip your first improve chip.
  6. I play my very own method!
    • Buy and equip your first Particular Assault.
  7. You bought this, Peppermint?
    • Destroy 10 boundaries by calling in Peppermint.
  8. Excellent Parry
    • Sucessfully parry with excellent timing 15 occasions.
  9. Alright, that felt AWESOME!
    • Defeated your first enemy with a Rhythm Parry Assault.
  10. I look cool. However I can look COOLER.
  11. I instructed you I would be superb, Peppermint!
    • Full the journey via manufacturing on the transit rail with out taking harm.
  12. Whoa! There’s ANOTHER well being bar!?
    • Enhance your well being to the place you unlock a second tier.
  13. Kissing the sky!
  14. Uh, they have been damaged after I received right here
    • Destroy 200 Vandelay safety robots.
  15. Z-shielding’s received nothing on us!
    • Shatter 10 enemy shields by calling in Macaron.
  16. Perfecter Parry-er!
    • Efficiently parry with excellent timing 200 occasions.
  17. You should like calling me in, Chai
    • Destroy 50 boundaries by calling in Peppermint.
  18. I’ve to learn this stuff?
    • Discover and browse half of the Vandelay Vlogs on the campus.
  19. You ever parry a volcano?
    • Efficiently parry a volcanic rock exterior of analysis and growth.
  20. There’s such a factor as TOO useful
    • Discover and have interaction with each Smidge, whereas finishing all of his apply ideas.
  21. We’re Jammin’
    • Efficiently pull off 20 Jam Combos
  22. Beat-hit mania
    • Land 500 beat-hit assaults on enemies.
  23. I am not executed with you but

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  1. Chip-tuned
    • Enhance your chip slots to the utmost capability.
  2. I hit issues with a guitar very well.
    • End a stage with a S rank for each Refrain. (Any issue.)
  3. That is lots of junk metallic…
    • Destroy 500 Vandelay safety robots.
  4. Effectively that was a rush!
    • End the sport and full each stage on the Regular issue.
  5. First we parry, then we counter
    • Carry out 20 parry counters utilizing any companion.
  6. Wanna hear my playlist?
    • Change the background music within the hideout.
  7. With our powers mixed…and to the rhythm…
    • Completely time your takedown of your largest foe but in a musical finale.
  8. Simple Listening
    • End the sport finishing each stage on the Simple issue.
  9. I feel I discovered your calling, Macaron
    • Shatter 50 enemy shields by calling in Macaron.
  10. I feel I deserve some reward, right here!
    • End the sport and full each stage on the Onerous issue.
  11. I noticed all these hits coming a measure away!
    • Completely parry each non-boss enemy’s Rhythm Parry assault.
  12. I am attempting to FOCUS HERE!
    • Discover and shoot down each hovering announcement drone.
  13. I am untouchable!
    • End a stage with out taking any harm. (Any issue.)
  14. I’m an excellent one that likes to assist
    • Assist out 3 Vandelay robots with their urgent points.
  15. And the group goes wild!
    • End the sport and full each stage on the Very Onerous issue.
  16. Have we met earlier than?
    • Discover Vandelay HR’s investigator and listen to all of its monologues.
  17. This was… not what I anticipated.
    • Have “The Artist” beautify your hideout.
  18. What a journey it was…
    • Full the Wall of Fame within the hideout.
  19. My Final Setlist
    • Full all of the flooring within the Rhythm Tower.
  20. Now that is the way you struggle like a group!
    • Carry out 100 parry counters utilizing any companion.
  21. Did not skip a beat!
    • End the sport and full each stage on the Rhythm Grasp issue.
  22. OK, properly THEY got here after ME!
    • Destroy 1000 Vandelay safety robots.
  23. I’ve to learn ALL of this stuff?
    • Discover and browse each Vandelay Vlog on the campus.
  24. Totally Powered Up!
    • Totally improve your Reverb Gauge to the utmost.
  25. I feel that is sufficient well being for now
    • Totally improve your well being bar by accumulating all Life Gauges.
  26. OK, I THINK I do know what I am doing now
    • Efficiently pull off each combo and assault within the Coaching Room.

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Easy methods to full Hello-Fi Rush Secret Achievements

  1. Begin with a bang!
    • Take out the final line of protection at High quality Assurance.
  2. Cream of the Crop
    • Come out on prime with a battle in opposition to the top of Manufacturing.
  3. This may price you large time
    • Drain growth’s funds, eradicating inventive management.
  4. The Negotiator
    • Take away the top of Safety from the equation.
  5. Headliner
    • Be the showstopper for the top of Advertising.
  6. Time to pay up!
    • Settle the invoice with the top of Finance.
  7. Try my strikes!
    • Buy each combo and companion assault.
  8. It is a breeze!
    • Put out 50 fires in battle with Korsica.
  9. Out in a puff of smoke
    • Put out 10 fires in battle with Korsica.
  10. Who’s the boss now?
    • Take it up with the CEO, and are available out on prime.
  11. Downside solved… wait, what?
    • Uncover the deeper thriller behind the SPECTRA doorways on campus.

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