Forspoken has a easy improve system for Frey’s Hooded Cloak and Necklace, the place gamers can spend numerous particular assets and degree up stats to 100. Nonetheless, to improve some stats on Frey’s gear, it’s worthwhile to unlock spells. This information will clarify enhance gear stats completely and all of the required assets to take action in Forspoken.

Necessities to Improve Gear Stats completely in Forspoken

The necessities for every elevated stat differ barely in Forspoken. Nonetheless, this is dependent upon whether or not you might be enhancing Well being and Protection or Magic, as totally different assets are wanted for each.

  • Well being/Protection requires the usage of stones, then Breakstones.
  • Magic requires vegetation/flowers, then Breakstones.

For every class, assets are the identical irrespective of the stat; the one factor that alters is the Breakstone wanted after you hit the quantity 55 threshold.

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All Sources required to extend Well being/Protection for gear in Forspoken

All assets wanted to extend Hooded Cloak/Necklace Well being stat

The Hooded Cloak and the Necklace use the identical assets to extend Frey’s well being statin Forspoken. Nonetheless, the Necklace’s well being cap for the well being stat is 70. It can’t transcend this, however the Hooden Cloak can attain 100.

All assets wanted to extend Hooded Cloak/Necklace Protection stat

The Hooden Cloak and the Necklace have a Protection cap of 30 in Forspoken.

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All assets wanted to extend Hooded Cloak/Necklace Magic stat

The assets required to extend Frey’s magical prowess are the identical for the Hooded Cloak and the Necklace in Forspoken. However the supplies wanted differ on what sort of Magic you need to enhance.

What spells do I have to improve my stats in Forspoken?

To improve your stats to the max in Forspoken, you want a choice of spells from many of the magic bushes you get in your journey by way of Athia. Nonetheless, your two items of substances, Hooded Cloak, and Necklace, each have stats you may enhance with out getting any spells.

  • Hooded Cloak, you may enhance well being to a degree, however not any magic.
  • Necklace, you may enhance Magic to a degree, however not any well being.

If you happen to add spells into the combination, you may enhance your stats additional, and it even permits you to enhance stats on a gear that was as soon as locked off.

  • Fortify
    • By spending Mana on this spell within the Blue magic tree. You’ll be able to enhance Frey’s Protection on the Hooded Cloak and Necklace to 30.
  • Vivify
    • By getting the spell in Frey’s Purple magic tree. You unlock the power to extend your well being stat on Necklaces, and it will increase the cap to 100.
  • Amplify
    • By unlocking the Amplify spell within the Pink magic tree. You get the power to extend all of your magic stats in your Hooded Cloak as much as 100.

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