In Forspoken, gamers can discover the huge open world of Athia. The continent has 4 totally different provinces with various landscapes and quite a lot of creatures to battle. Completely different legends denoting totally different areas may be seen whereas analyzing the map. This is a information on all of the map icons in Forspoken and what they characterize.

All Forspoken map factors of curiosity defined

  1. Frey’s Journey: Reveals the target of the primary quest in Forspoken.
  2. Detours / Facet Quests: Further actions that you may participate in moreover the primary quest.
  3. Flashbacks: Upon activation, an extermination problem will start by which you will should filter hordes of enemies in a given time.
  4. Occasions: Much less time-consuming actions similar to speaking to civilians. These grant you XP.
  5. Pilgrim’s Refuge: Safehouses positioned throughout Athia the place you may relaxation to regain your well being and use the crafting desk to craft and improve gear. It will also be used as a quick journey level.
  6. Belfry: Tall bell towers that provide you with a long-distance view of the close by points of interest. Just like Refuge, Belfries may be additionally used to quick journey.
  7. Fount of Blessing: Take a dip within the magical fount to unlock a novel spell to your magic timber.
  8. Buying and selling Spot: You should purchase gear and different objects for Gold Cash and Poppets.
  9. Depths of Corruption: Portals to the heavily-corrupted areas the place the Tantas reside.
  10. Picture Spot: You may take images to indicate the youngsters again at Cipal as a part of a Detour.
  11. Guild: Tall Towers with enormous e-book collections constructed for the students of Athia.
  12. Locked Labyrinth: Mysterious underground constructions with a number of sections. Every part results in as much as three different sections that you may probe for rewards. The ultimate chamber might comprise a mini-boss or a puzzle-locked chest.
  13. Tanta Gate / Ramparts: Entrance to the Tanta Fortress guarded by their mightiest of servants.
  14. Relic of the Tantas: Combat a number of waves of enemies to unlock a treasure chest. Because the waves progress, the quantity and energy of enemies preserve growing.
  15. Monument: Destroy the rocks masking the construction after which examine it to obtain a stat buff.
  16. Acquainted Statue: These monuments mark the presence of the Tantas’ familiars or pets.
  17. Fortress: Eradicate hordes of enemies to get a stat buff or some gear.
  18. Village: Deserted villages throughout Athia the place you may remove enemies to get a stat buff or some gear.
  19. Cave: Tackle a mini-boss and remove it to obtain a stat buff or some gear.
  20. Damage: Eradicate lurking minions of the Tantas to obtain a stat buff or some gear.
  21. Traces: Kill a small group of enemies for some reward.
  22. Bridge: Kill all of the enemies holding a bridge for some reward.
  23. Cipal: The final stand of remaining people of Athia. That is the one uncorrupted land on the continent.
  24. Tanta’s Citadel: A stronghold of one of many 4 Tantas.
  25. Treasure Chest: Open the crate for a random useful resource.
  26. Mutant: Highly effective beasts which might be usually discovered guarding chests with some invaluable merchandise.
  27. Partha: A recreation of fortune that you may play to obtain a brief buff to any one among your stats.
  28. ???: Eradicate the enormous beast for a particular reward.

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What does the three query mark imply on the map?

There are 4 “???” areas at present found in Athia. Every of those areas homes a robust enemy boss that you may remove for a assured reward. These enemies are the larger variations of the bosses you could have encountered within the Locked Labyrinths. Therefore, these abominations have far more well being they usually assault vigorously.

Rewards for finishing a POI problem in Forspoken

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Whereas we mentioned the varied kinds of POIs proven within the Forspoken map, their completion reward varies. You may see a purple colour marking on prime of every map icon that denotes what reward you will get from that place:

  1. Expertise: Achieve XP to your character.
  2. Cloak: Unlock a brand new Cloak gear that may be worn and upgraded.
  3. Necklace: Unlock a brand new Necklace gear that may be worn and upgraded.
  4. Nail Design: Unlock a brand new Nail Design gear that may be worn and upgraded.
  5. Stat Improve: Achieve a small buff to your character’s stats similar to Magic, Protection, Well being, and Therapeutic Results.
  6. Spell: Unlock a particular spell to your magic tree. These are usually used for Founts.
  7. Archive Entry: Obtain a chunk of data associated to Athia’s previous.
  8. Mana: Obtain Mana factors that can be utilized within the magic tree to unlock and improve spells.

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