There are lots of Pokémon to select from on the subject of the 7-Star Greninja Tera Raid. Nonetheless, you can’t simply deliver any Pokémon into the raid, as it’s extremely difficult. Slowbro is a wonderful selection, particularly if you happen to constructed one for the Cinderace raid. This may increasingly go away you questioning what the most effective Slowbro construct is for the Greninja Tera Raid in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

The Finest Slowbro Construct for Greninja Tera Raid in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Slowbro has many benefits over Greninja. Its Water/Psychic-type mixture will scale back the injury that Ice Beam, Hydro Pump, and Gunk Shot deal. Whereas Night time Slash is tremendous efficient, Slowbro’s excessive Protection and HP will permit it to take a number of hits, particularly if you happen to use strikes to heal or enhance Slowbro’s Protection. Right here is our really helpful construct for Slowbro within the 7-Star Greninja Tera Raid.

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  • Nature: For nature, we suggest both the Daring or Modest natures for Slowbro. Daring will improve Slowbro’s protection and permit it to tank extra Night time Slashes. On the opposite facet, Modest will enhance its Particular Assault and let Saved Energy hit even more durable.
  • Capability: It actually does not matter what capacity you give Slowbro for the Greninja raid, as none of them will set off based mostly on Greninja’s strikes and the principles of the Tera Raids. So you need to use a Slowbro with the Oblivious, Personal Tempo, or Regenerator capacity.
  • Strikes:
    • Saved Energy: Saved Energy is Slowbro’s offensive transfer. It’s powered up by stat will increase equivalent to Nasty Plot and Iron Protection, boosting its assault when you elevate Slowbro’s stats.
    • Nasty Plot: Nasty Plot is a must have as it would elevate Slowbro’s Particular Assault by two phases. The enhance to Particular Assault may also multiply Saved Energy’s injury, making it extraordinarily helpful.
    • Slack Off: Slack Off is a therapeutic transfer that may restore as much as half of Slowbro’s well being. Slowbro has nice bulk, however holding this transfer in your pocket is nice, particularly if Greninja lands a crucial hit.
    • Iron Protection: Greninja may have Night time Slash, so Iron Protection will improve Slowbro’s Protection and scale back the quantity of injury it offers. It’ll additionally energy up Saved Energy.
  • Effort Values (EV): For EVs, you must make investments 252 in HP and 252 in Particular Assault. The rest may be positioned into Protection. This may give Slowbro elevated bulk no matter what assault Greninja makes use of, and the Particular Assault enhance will improve Saved Powers’ power.
  • Held Merchandise: For Slowbro’s held merchandise, we suggest Leftovers or Life Orb. Life Orb will additional enhance Slowbro’s injury output and permit it to simply one-shot Greninja. However, Leftovers will permit Slowbro to passively regain HP all through the match and mitigate the necessity to use Slack Off.
  • Tera Kind: We suggest utilizing the Psychic Tera Kind as it will improve the quantity of injury Saved Energy will do. You’ll have to fear about Greninja’s Night time Slash, however Slowbro’s HP, Protection, and Iron Protection transfer ought to permit it to outlive lengthy sufficient to get the KO.

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The way to use the Finest Slowbro Construct for Greninja Tera Raid in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

We suggest beginning off the Tera Raid by utilizing Iron Protection 3 times to offer Slowbro extra resistance to Greninja’s Night time Slash. Upon getting this up, you must begin utilizing Nasty Plot to extend Slowbro’s stats and enhance Saved Energy. Hold a watch out for Greninja resetting stats; you will have to repeat this course of afterward.

Use Slack Off as wanted to maintain Slowbro’s well being up, however primarily you must use Iron Protection and Nasty Plot to spice up Slowbro. After utilizing each 3 times, use Saved Energy, and you must have the ability to defeat Greninja in a single or two hits.

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