Getting buffed mid-fight so you’ll be able to up your injury is a core a part of raiding, particularly in Closing Fantasy XIV. However raiders in The Omega Protocol Final (Dubbed TOP by gamers) are operating into a singular downside — they’re hitting FFXIV’s buff restrict, stopping them from gaining extra buffs, or in some circumstances, getting healed.

Consider it or not, Closing Fantasy XIV has a tough restrict on the variety of buffs and debuffs a participant can obtain. That is supposedly a limitation of the sport’s engine. When a participant has 30 buffs on their character, any extra buffs will merely not be utilized. This counts for unfavourable standing results, private buffs, and buffs from allies.

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Nevertheless, in regular play, reaching this buff cap is extremely unlikely. In a Dungeon, or Gentle Social gathering, there’s just too few gamers. And in most eight-man content material, gamers must be extremely unfortunate to hit buff cap. Nevertheless, some gamers may have unwittingly skilled this throughout content material resembling Eureka and Bozja, the place massive numbers of gamers, enemies, and extra buffs from the content material will have an effect on them. 

Nevertheless it seems the buff restrict could be very actual, and really a lot affecting gamers making an attempt to clear The Omega Protocol, as quite a few streams and tweets from raiders have proven.

When gamers are hitting section three of the combat, they’ve been hitting buff cap and it’s affecting their DPS. With buffs and debuffs from the combat, buffs from seven different degree 90 characters, and gamers re-opening their rotations after the section transition, this implies the newest buffs (and most frequently, those that up their DPS) are falling off.

That is extremely irritating for gamers making an attempt to race to clear certainly one of FFXIV’s most difficult fights ever. It stays unseen whether or not Sq. Enix will try to repair this cover, or whether or not they’ll double down and say its a design function. Regardless, SE are in considerably of a bind. Nerfing a boss or making stability modifications mid-progression is a big fake pas in MMOs, and one gamers not often welcome — even when it’s going to assist them clear simpler.

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