You will have one objective in Treasure Quest: to get all of the treasure the world has to supply. On this recreation that attracts heavy affect from the favored Roblox simulator game-type, you could struggle your manner by harmful dungeons and full heroic quests to acquire the largest piles of loot and line your pockets with valuables and coin past measure.

After all, you may make your quest a lot simpler with codes, as a substitute. Whether or not you are a veteran treasure hunter or utterly new to the sport, our codes checklist beneath can present particular boosts that make it simpler to battle monsters, discover uncommon treasure, and even earn the gold you so desperately search. Even probably the most masterful treasure hunter is aware of higher than to show down a possibility to earn extra gold!

When you are utilizing our Treasure Quest codes beneath, do not forget we have now guides for a lot of issues within the recreation, similar to All of the Power Blade Places, how you can get the Elemental Blade, and Tips on how to get the Frozen Wings! We even have codes for all the preferred fight and raid-based Roblox video games, similar to All Star Tower Protection and Shindo Life.

All Treasure Quest Codes

Up to date January 27, 2023

Added a brand new code.

Treasure Quest Codes (Accessible)

This is a take a look at an inventory of all of the presently accessible codes:

  • ARCHER—Redeem for an Archer potion (New)
  • HAPPYHOLIDAYS3—Redeem for Finest Reward Ever Pores and skin (New)
  • WINTER2022—Redeem for a Velocity Potion
  • HYPERFROSTS REVENGE—Redeem for a Luck Potion
  • SPOOKYTIME—Redeem for Pores and skin Chest
  • FALL2022—Redeem for a Velocity Potion
  • GHOULPLASMRETURNS—Redeem for a Bounce Potion
  • thx_for300klikes—Redeem for an XP Potion
  • SAUCE—Redeem for an XP Potion
  • RATIO—Redeem for a Gold Potion
  • AMOGUS—Redeem for a Velocity Potion
  • QUIRKY—Redeem for a Fortunate Potion
  • WHOASKED—Redeem for an XP Potion
  • BOOST—Redeem for a Gold Potion
  • NOOB—Redeem for a Gold Potion
  • ICYBOI—Redeem for an XP Potion
  • BOZO—Redeem for a Gold Potion
  • STRONK—Redeem for a Injury Potion
  • POG—Redeem for XP Potion
  • WHAT—Redeem for a Luck Potion
  • PAUSE—Redeem for a Luck Potion
  • SECRET—Redeem for a Gold Potion
  • blizmid—Redeem for an Avalanche weapon
  • drip—Redeem for a Velocity Potion

Treasure Quest Codes (Expired)

  • BRIGHT&SUNNY—Redeem for a Velocity Potion
  • verycoolcode—Redeem for a Gold Potion
  • TQ3YEARS—Redeem for Three & Free
  • PRIDE—Redeem for the Satisfaction Flag
  • GOODLUCKPLZ!!!—Redeem for a Luck Potion
  • MONOLITHRETURNS—Redeem for a Luck Potion
  • SPRING2022—Redeem for a Luck Potion
  • SMOGSANCTUM—Redeem for an XP Potion
  • NEWDUNGEONHYPE—Redeem for a Luck Potion
  • PROLOBBY—Redeem for XP Potion 
  • anothaone—Redeem for a Reward 
  • surpriseee—Redeem for a Reward 
  • GHOULPLASM—Redeem for 10 Backpack Slots 
  • SHOPUPDATE—Redeem for Velocity Potion
  • RIPBRIGHTBEACH—Redeem for Luck Potion
  • VACATION—Redeem for Distinctive Potion
  • SUMMERTIME2021—Redeem for XP Potion
  • TQ2YEARS—Redeem for Two & By way of
  • 300MILLIONVISITS—Redeem for earn 10 Backpack Slots
  • SUPERSUNNY—Redeem for Luck Potion 
  • MINESHAFT—Redeem for Hat Chest 
  • UPDATEHYPE—Redeem for Colour Chest
  • LUCKYLUCKYLUCKY—Redeem for luck potion
  • HAPPYEASTER2021—Redeem for XP potion
  • REWRITE3—Redeem code for a Luck Potion
  • REWRITE2—Redeem code for an XP Potion
  • REWRITE1—Redeem code for 10 Backpack slots (NEW)
  • THANKSFOR250M_1—Redeem code for 250 Million Impact
  • THANKSFOR250M_2—Redeem code for a Luck Potion
  • KNIGHTMARE—Redeem code for an XP Potion
  • POISONPRISON—Redeem code for a Luck Potion
  • BOSSFIGHT—Redeem code for a Luck Potion
  • SPOOKY—Redeem code for a Luck Potion
  • HAUNTED—Redeem code for a Luck Potion
  • FRANKENSTEIN—Redeem code for a Luck Potion
  • ABYSS—Redeem code for a Luck Potion
  • DOMINUSGRIND—Redeem code for a Luck Potion
  • samurai—Redeem code for a Luck Potion
  • 2hourluck—Redeem code for Luck Potions
  • area51—Redeem code for a Luck Potion
  • plzgivemythical—Redeem code for a Luck Potion
  • summerishere—Redeem code for a Luck Potion
  • luckluckluck—Redeem code for a Luck Potion
  • ultimaterarity—Redeem code for a Luck Potion
  • mythicalplz—Redeem code for a Luck Potion
  • imfeelinglucky—Redeem code for a Luck Potion
  • halloweenupdate—Redeem for a Luck Potion
  • NEWLOBBYHYPE—Redeem for a Luck Potion
  • brightbeachisback—Redeem for a Luck Potion
  • shoprevamp—Redeem for a Luck Potion
  • PROTECTOR—Redeem for a Luck Potion
  • FIERYFORTRESS—Redeem for a Luck Potion
  • SCROLLSHYPE—Redeem for a Luck Potion
  • BIGBOOST—Redeem for a Luck Potion
  • omgrobots—Redeem for a Luck Potion
  • coralrevamp—Redeem for a Luck Potion
  • sewersrevamp—Redeem for a Luck Potion
  • naughty—Redeem for a Luck Potion
  • good—Redeem for a Luck Potion
  • update14—Redeem for a Luck Potion
  • luckfordays—Redeem for a Luck Potion
  • spookyseason—Redeem for a Luck Potion
  • HYPERFROST—Redeem code for a Luck Potion
  • COCONUT—Redeem code for an XP Potion
  • PALMTREES—Redeem code for an XP Potion
  • GHOUL—Redeem code for an XP Potion
  • ZOMBIE—Redeem code for an XP Potion
  • DANGERDEPTHS—Redeem code for an XP Potion
  • NEWGAMEMODE—Redeem code for an XP Potion
  • ENDLESSUNCAPPED—Redeem code for an XP Potion
  • XPPOTION—Redeem code for an XP Potion
  • update10—Redeem code for an XP Potion
  • update11—Redeem code for an XP Potion
  • 2hourexp—Redeem code for XP Potions
  • ufo—Redeem code for an XP Potion
  • update9—Redeem code for an XP Potion
  • newdungeonhype—Redeem code for an XP Potion
  • ilovexp—Redeem code for an XP Potion
  • METEORBLAST—Redeem for a XP Potion
  • shellgrind—Redeem for a XP Potion
  • summertime—Redeem for a XP Potion
  • 2NEWABILITIES—Redeem for a XP Potion
  • UPDATE22—Redeem for a XP Potion
  • UPDATE21—Redeem for a XP Potion
  • EGGHUNT2020—Redeem for a XP Potion
  • UPDATE20—Redeem for a XP Potion
  • hello—Redeem for a XP Potion
  • update19—Redeem for a XP Potion
  • UPDATE18—Redeem for a XP Potion
  • junglerevamp—Redeem for a XP Potion
  • icecold—Redeem for a XP Potion
  • update16—Redeem for a XP Potion
  • winterishere—Redeem for a XP Potion
  • peppermints—Redeem for a XP Potion
  • update15—Redeem for a XP Potion
  • evenmorexp—Redeem for a XP Potion
  • autumn—Redeem for a XP Potion
  • experienceboost2—Redeem for a XP Potion
  • experienceboost—Redeem for a XP Potion
  • pumpkincarving—Redeem for a XP Potion
  • update12—Redeem for a XP Potion
  • SUNSHINE—Redeem code for an XP Potion
  • FEDERATIONGRIND—Redeem code for a Luck Impact
  • localization—Redeem code for a Random Impact
  • blackbelt—Redeem code for a Random Impact
  • givemelevels—Redeem code for a Random Impact
  • happy4thofjuly—Redeem code for a Random Impact
  • update7—Redeem code for a Random Impact
  • reepotion—Redeem code for a Random Impact
  • endlessmode—Redeem code for a Random Impact
  • i<3effects—Redeem code for a Random Impact
  • randomeffect—Redeem code for a Random Impact
  • anothereffect—Redeem code for a Random Impact
  • hypehype—Redeem code for a Random Impact
  • pearlhunt—Redeem for Random Impact
  • ranoutofideas—Redeem for Random Impact
  • king—Redeem code for Lightshow Impact
  • cavesrevamp—Redeem for an Impact Potion
  • newmonstershype—Redeem for a Random Reward

Roblox Treasure Quest Continuously Requested Questions

Generally, we will not work out what to do in a recreation. Under, we have now an inventory of among the commonest questions gamers ask when enjoying Roblox Treasure Quest!

Tips on how to Redeem codes in Treasure Quest

Redeeming codes in Treasure Quest is extra difficult than most different video games. To take action, observe the steps beneath.

Screenshot by Professional Sport Guides
  1. Comply with @NosniyRBLX and @SenseiRBX on Twitter. Wait a few minutes for it to register.
  2. Within the ‘@TwitterName’ field, enter your Twitter Username. If it would not work, ensure you full the 1st step, then give it one other 10 minutes to register.
  3. Within the ‘Enter Code Right here’ field, enter the code precisely because it seems within the checklist above.
  4. Press the inexperienced Checkmark button to say your reward!

Tips on how to get extra Treasure Quest codes

Like many Roblox video games, the builders for Treasure Quest are inspired so as to add extra content material to their video games once they see quite a lot of help from the gamers, and most new content material comes with extra codes! By liking and favoriting the sport on its official Roblox page, you possibly can draw extra consideration to it and encourage the builders so as to add extra codes.

You may observe the developer on Twitter for notifications about new updates and codes, and you can too work together with the neighborhood on the official Discord channel. Most new codes for Treasure Quest are posted instantly on a kind of locations, and typically are posted on their YouTube channel!

Why aren’t my Treasure Quest codes working?

The commonest reason behind invalid codes is that the participant didn’t be part of hyperlink their Twitter account with their in-game account. As proven within the directions, gamers should observe the builders on Twitter and rejoin the sport, then enter their twitter identify into the textual content field earlier than they’ll redeem any codes. In case you have performed that and the code nonetheless would not work, it might imply there may be one other concern.

To keep away from typos, copy and paste the code immediately from the web page into the sport, if doable. Virtually all codes for Roblox video games are case delicate and require the right punctuation, if it is included. In case you are sure you entered the code appropriately and it nonetheless would not work, then you will have both used the code already or it’s expired. Make sure you tell us if that is the case, so we will examine the problem and replace the web page!

What’s Treasure Quest?

Roblox Treasure Quest is a fantasy-themed motion journey Roblox recreation the place your solely objective is to get the rarest and most beneficial treasure. You do that by becoming a member of raids and taking down troublesome bosses. As you defeat enemies, you’re awarded various quantities of treasure based mostly on how troublesome they’re. Acquire as a lot treasure as you possibly can to buy higher gear that helps you defeat tougher bosses and—yep, you guessed it: get extra treasure!

Should you’re on the lookout for codes for different video games, we have now a ton of them in our Roblox Sport Codes submit! It’s also possible to get a bunch of free stuff through our Roblox Promo Codes web page.



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