The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an motion RPG during which you play as Geralt of Rivia, a beast hunter from a gaggle referred to as the Witchers. His supernatural skills make him a monster slayer for rent, however there’s extra to this deep collection of video games than the fight and missions. You’re generally put into ethical dilemma conditions, the place your selections can have in-game penalties. One such determination comes once you finest Whoreson in battle, leaving him begging you for his life. So, in Witcher 3, do you have to kill Whoreson Junior?

Kill Whoreson Junior in Witcher 3 or not – Penalties

With Whoreson begging on the ground at your toes, you’ve gotten two selections: Kill him on the spot, or let him dwell. He has achieved horrific issues to many ladies, together with injuring Ciri and Dudu. The overall opinion is that killing Whoreson Junior is the best choice. Not solely do you assure he can now not damage anybody else, however as a consequence shapeshifter Dudu disguises themselves as him and makes his crime empire right into a authentic enterprise. That is additionally, as a consequence, higher for town.

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In case you do resolve to let Whoreson Junior dwell, you could or might not get the consequence you needed. In case you thought he would possibly reform and make one thing out of your self, you’re out of luck. As an alternative, he turns into a destitute beggar. The following time you see him he’s near dying, being accosted by youngsters. So, when you needed to as an alternative condemn him to a sluggish and painful dying, your want is granted.

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