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Whether or not you’re seeking to get each unit on the identical strengths or are in a rush to class somebody up, stage grinding is one thing unskippable in Fireplace Emblem: Have interaction. Nevertheless, grinding generally is a little bit of a slog. On this information, we’ll let you understand a few leveling tips that labored for us.

The very best & quickest method to stage up in Fireplace Emblem Have interaction

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Attacking and defeating an enemy unit isn’t the one method to acquire EXP. Actually, one of the crucial finest and most constant methods to stage up, particularly weaker models, is to set them as your healer. Use a workers to heal any broken unit, even these whose well being is at 90%. Doing so is web you as a lot EXP as attacking a unit as sturdy because the one you’re therapeutic.

We particularly prefer to tackle these facet skirmishes for the reason that boss unit by no means strikes till they occupy the areas they’ll assault on. Heal each single member of the social gathering earlier than you kill them. Anyway, staves are limitless and will be purchased from the Merchandise Store on the Somniel for a measly 500G.

If they’ll’t use a workers, equip Emblem Micaiah and provides them one. Micaiah may give its geared up the Have interaction means Nice Sacrifice, which restores HP to all allies. It will web your unit EXP*the variety of models that had been healed.

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Different methods to farm EXP in Fireplace Emblem Have interaction

Use the Area

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Each after battle, you possibly can go to the Area. Right here, you’ve three possibilities to select a unit for a mock combat, netting them EXP. Nevertheless, we solely suggest that you just use the Area for unit with offensive courses since they’re extra prone to win skirmishes (e.g. mages, paladins, and many others.). The Area will grant them a ton of EXP in the event that they win, however dropping? Not a lot.

Degree up your bond with Marth to 10

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At Bond stage ten, the unit Marth is engaged with can use Mercurius (Sword) whereas in Have interaction Mode. Whenever you assault with this weapon, the EXP gained by the consumer throughout that occasion is doubled. Once more, this selection will solely assist offensive courses. You may immediately stage up your Emblem bonds within the Area for a set variety of Bond Fragments.

Recreation over (just for Informal runs)

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Fireplace Emblem: Have interaction has a number of powerful levels however that’s why the sport overs are coded to retain all of the EXP that you just gained in that battle. You’re greater than welcome to take weak models into very sturdy ranges and combat with them on the frontline. In Informal mode, a Okay.O. doesn’t imply the tip of somebody’s life!

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