There are 5 Fits within the base recreation of Useless Area Remake with a further six Fits coming from the Deluxe Version of the sport. Through the course of the sport, gamers will discover methods to improve their Go well with, getting as much as degree 5, however there extra Fits that unlock after beating the sport and finishing it on Unimaginable issue. These are all of the Fits Isaac can use in Useless Area Remake.

All Fits in Useless Area Remake

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There are 5 fits when taking part in by the sport for the primary time in Useless Area Remake. The primary one is Isaac’s default Go well with, whereas the remaining require gamers to search out Schematics after which deliver them to the Store to buy. These are discovered all through numerous factors of the sport and upon beating the sport, gamers will unlock the Degree 6 Go well with, Superior Soldier Rig.

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When finishing the sport on Unimaginable issue, gamers can even be rewarded with the Burnished Go well with.

  • Degree 1 – Obtained initially of the sport.
  • Degree 2 – Requires Schematic after which buy on the store for 10,000 Credit.
  • Degree 3 – Requires Schematic after which buy on the store for 20,000 Credit.
  • Degree 4 – Requires Schematic after which buy on the store for 35,000 Credit.
  • Degree 5 – Requires Schematic after which buy on the store for 60,000 Credit
  • Degree 6 – Beat the sport on any issue and begin New Recreation+ and buy on the store for 99,000 Credit.
  • Burnished – Beat the sport on Unimaginable issue.

All Deluxe Version Fits

The Deluxe Version of the sport offers six Fits for Isaac to put on. They’re:

  • DS-08 Legacy Rig
  • Infested Go well with
  • Lone Survivor Go well with
  • Enterprise Go well with
  • Bloody Go well with
  • Sanctified Go well with

These Fits are purely beauty and might be present in Storage from the Store menu. From there, they only should be geared up and may have no particular enhancements.

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