Ever because the introduction of slotting armor mods in Forsaken, buildcrafting in Future 2 has develop into an more and more complicated—and rewarding—side of the franchise. Upgrading your armor and making an attempt new mods retains Future 2’s fight loop recent, however it may be onerous to recollect what all’s accessible at a given time. Fortunately, our tier record makes sorting by means of Future’s totally different armor mods a breeze.

Armor Mod Tier Checklist for Future 2

Tier Armor Mod Sort
S Elemental Nicely Mods
A Seasonal Mods
B Charged with Mild Mods and Weapon Mods
C Raid Mods
D Warmind Cell Mods

Future 2 Armor Mods, ranked

We ranked armor mods primarily based on their total usefulness concerning ease of use and buildcrafting potential. Do not forget that whereas mods can be utilized no matter class or subclass, totally different builds might make the most of them to better or lesser impact.

S Tier

Elemental Nicely Mods

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The most recent fight mods on this record, Elemental Nicely Mods, had been launched within the season of the Chosen, and more-or-less act like different fight mods: defeating fight drops an elemental nicely, and selecting them up offers totally different advantages primarily based on which mods you could have geared up. Not like Charged with Mild and Warmind Cell mods, which have skilled nerfs over the previous 12 months, Elemental Nicely Mods are nonetheless as sturdy as they had been when first launched. Mix that with the truth that the Elemental Cost Mod permits customers to proc Charged with Mild mods with Elemental Wells, and it turns into clear why Elemental Wells has develop into so intrinsic to buildcrafting.

A Tier

Seasonal Mods

Picture by way of Bungie

Seasonal Mods fluctuate from season to season, however once they’re good, it is often by a big margin. They’re the explanation streamers horde bounties earlier than the beginning of every season, and with Lightfall releasing up mod house by making Seasonal Mods passively utilized to your guardian, their necessity is extra obvious.

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B Tier

Charged with Mild Mods

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There was a time when Charged with Mild Mods was the start and finish of buildcrafting in Future 2. Although the benefit at which we are able to develop into charged with gentle has been considerably nerfed since Witch Queen’s launch, the flexibility to proc Charged with Mild Mods with Elemental Wells has helped preserve these OG mods from sliding into obscurity.

Weapon Sort Mods

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Weapon sort mods are comparatively simple, permitting you to change the stats of a particular sort of weapon. Unfold evenly throughout your totally different armor items, these mods will let you do every thing from elevated reload velocity on shotguns to passively reloading your sidearm whereas it is holstered. Whereas their utility is tough to disclaim, particularly in PvP, Weapon Sort Mods not often make or break builds.

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C Tier

Raid Mods

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Raid mods exist in an attention-grabbing duality, being extremely helpful and restricted in scope. Not like most different mods, which might be unlocked by way of finishing Guardian Ranks come to Lightfall, Raid Mods are earned at random from opening hidden chests within the Raid they’re related to. Moreover, Raid Mods solely activate inside the raid they’re constructed for. Mix that with the truth that they will solely be geared up with armor earned from that raid, and the issues with these mods start to develop into clear. Whereas they definitely maintain worth when working grasp raids and finishing weekly raid challenges, the comparatively excessive entry value is an enormous turn-off for day-to-day builds.

D Tier

Warmind Cell Mods

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Warmind Cells had been launched in Season of the Worthy, representing Bungie’s continued curiosity in increasing Future’s at-the-time restricted construct choices. Sure weapons would spawn unstable, orange orbs upon defeating a combatant, and slotting sure fight mods would alter the consequences of interacting with it, from taking pictures it to inflicting a big explosion to working by means of it to begin well being regeneration.

Whereas Warmind Cells had been undoubtedly sturdy of their day, they’re thought of bottom-tier within the present sandbox for a number of causes. A number of nerfs to their effectiveness mixed with an more and more restricted variety of weapons with which to spawn the cells themselves have left Warmind Cells behind guardians’ inventories for some time now, and with considered one of Bungie’s latest blog posts stating, amongst different issues, their intentions to take away Warmind Cells fully, there simply is not a lot cause to construct into them. Relaxation in peace, Warmind Cells. For many who knew you, you’ll be missed.

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