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Wish to have your Sims romantically linked to multiple Sim at a time? You then’re searching for polyamory or polygamy. Each with and with out mods, free love might be achieved with some inventive tweaking in The Sims 4. This is how!

The way to have polygamy in The Sims 4 with out Mods

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Polygamy is distinct from polyamory, as polygamy means explicitly greater than two companions in a wedding. Polyamory is greater than two companions concerned in a relationship. Greater than two Sims being married in The Sims 4 with out mods shouldn’t be doable. There are methods to have greater than two sims in a relationship, although. Fortunately, it’s doable to seek out some methods across the polygamy drawback with mods.

The way to have polygamy in The Sims 4 with Mods

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Probably the most helpful mod for polygamy or polyamory in The Sims 4 is Wonderful Whims. This mod contains not solely relationship modifications, but additionally the flexibility to tweak being pregnant, attractiveness, menstrual cycles, and rather more. To get the mod, comply with the hyperlink for Great Whims and choose the Obtain button under the beating coronary heart graphic. Take that folder from the obtain and unzip it. The information from that folder will have to be dragged to the Mods folder in your PC. From there, be sure you have script mods enabled on The Sims 4.

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The way to have polyamory in The Sims 4

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One of many foremost methods you may allow polyamorous relationships in The Sims 4 is thru neighborhood voting with the Eco Way of life growth. With this pack, you may vote for the Free Love initiative. If this will get handed, jealousy and the unfavourable results of getting a number of companions are eradicated. This does not assist marriage, but it surely’s a begin!

One other approach to obtain that is to have all Sims within the relationship possess the Serial Romantic Aspiration. It will make it so that every Sim could have no jealousy drawback, making them okay with the polyamorous setup.

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