In Ultimate Fantasy XIV Patch 6.3, one of many new minions added was the lovely Sky Blue Again minion. A diminutive fowl creature with a blue coloring, the minion is a miniaturized model of the large Blue Backs you could find in your Island Sanctuary. Right here’s how one can get the Sky Blue Again minion in Ultimate Fantasy XIV

Unlocking the Sky Blue Again minion in FFXIV

The Sky Blue Again minion is obtainable for 4,000 Seafarer’s Cowries. To buy the Sky Blue Again, you’ll must have first unlocked the Cozy Cabin within the Island Sanctuary. Then, discuss to the Horrendous Hoarder Mammet NPC who can have the Sky Blue Again minion on the market. It’s below the Unique Objects tab.

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The best way to get Seafarer’s Cowries in FFXIV

Seafarer’s Cowries are the blue cowrie that’s obtained various methods in your Island Sanctuary. Nearly each goal rewards a small quantity of Cowries, however you too can promote gadgets, export supplies, and full every day challenges to acquire extra. Nevertheless, as Seafarer’s Cowries are additionally the forex used to improve your Island Sanctuary, you may wish to ensure you have a wholesome surplus earlier than buying any minions or mounts you may want!

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