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To most informal Apex Legends gamers, the reticle shade could also be one thing that may simply be ignored. However when you fiddle round with the settings and discover the countless colours you may change it to utilizing the saturation slider, it may be tough to determine which can work finest for you proper off the bat. We have listed our private finest Apex reticle shade and a few others so that you can contemplate.

The most effective reticle shade in Apex Legends

Inexperienced (0 235 40) is what we contemplate the most effective reticle shade in Apex. It is probably the most seen reticle, even on maps with principally grass like Habitat 4. By nature, the human eye perceives this shade finest. You possibly can tweak it to a darker or muted hue to make it extra translucent for higher goal, even in lengthy vary.

What to pay attention to when utilizing the inexperienced reticle:

  • It has the most effective visibility throughout all maps
  • It may be tweaked to desire, however all shades nonetheless work completely

Different nice Apex reticle colours

After all, if inexperienced is not to your style, you may all the time select one other shade. Under is a fast listing.

Yellow: 250 255 45

A primary yellow shade pops out properly, which helps you simply goal any enemy inside your line of sight. You might want to make use of the saturation slider to make it as vivid as you may so you don’t lose it on maps with snow and lava. 

What to pay attention to when utilizing the yellow reticle:

  • Greatest visibility on most maps
  • You might wish to regulate it to a brighter hue to regulate for maps with snow and lava

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Blue: 65 75 255

For long-range pictures, ADSing, and even in shut fight, blue is the proper shade. It’s laborious to overlook but it nonetheless provides you the transparency you want for seeing enemies by way of. You may make it barely brighter to make it simpler so that you can see even on maps with a number of water.

What to pay attention to when utilizing the pale blue reticle:

  • Nice for long-range, ADS, and shut fight
  • You might must make it a bit extra vivid to regulate on maps with water

Pink/Magenta: 255 20 195/255 0 255

For seasoned gamers who want to change it up, pink is your good go-to reticle shade. It additionally clearly stands out on any map, so it is a good decide even for novices. If you happen to prioritize your long-range pictures, it’s best to tone them right down to make them seem a bit extra translucent, which helps for a greater goal.

What to pay attention to when utilizing the pink reticle:

  • Stands out nicely on all maps, so it is nice even for novices
  • You might wish to make it a bit extra muted to regulate for long-range pictures

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Crimson: 235 30 0

Whereas purple additionally provides you good visibility on most maps, it may be an acquired desire. For seasoned FPS gamers, this should not be an issue. For casuals and novices, purple is an effective reticle shade to apply your goal. Nevertheless, you might wish to tweak it a bit because it tends to mix within the maps with lava.

What to pay attention to when utilizing the purple reticle:

  • Good visibility on most maps
  • Nice for novices to coach their goal, however it might want some tweaking to regulate to your desire, so you don’t lose it in maps with lava

White: 255 255 255

You possibly can by no means go unsuitable with only a primary white reticle. It is the simplest reticle shade to set, as you may merely slide the saturation bar to the farthest proper. Nevertheless, in case your eyesight shouldn’t be nearly as good and you’re extra of an off-the-cuff participant, you might wish to begin with different colours as an alternative when coaching your goal, as you might lose your reticle throughout intense fight.

What to pay attention to when utilizing the white reticle:

  • Doesn’t want tweaking in any respect, simple to set
  • It could be simple to lose sight of for novices or these with poorer eyesight in intense fight

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