A bunch of raiders generally known as UNNAMED_ has cleared the The Omega Protocol Final, turning into the world’s first to clear Closing Fantasy XIV’s most tough raid. The staff cleared the raid at roughly 11:00 am, on Monday, January 31, virtually every week after the discharge of the raid.

The Omega Protocol Final, or TOP because it’s change into recognized to gamers, is the one stage 90 Final raid in FFXIV. Final raids are the very best issue raids within the recreation, and ask gamers to carry out good actions for near half-hour straight. TOP is the second Final launched within the Endwalker growth, with the Dragonsong Reprise Final, launched in April 2022 being the earlier one.

UNNAMED_’s clear brings to an finish a race that took near a full week, making it one of many longest and most difficult fights in current reminiscence. Nonetheless, a few of that issue got here from each bugs and limitations of FFXIV. For one, the buff-cap, one thing different fights had solely theoretically pushed, was reached on this battle, affecting many tried clears.

Equally, some irritating parts with the battle’s transitions meant that healers have been routinely gaining aggro, typically undeservedly. FFXIV’s aggro mechanics have been repeatedly stripped away, with healers now not ripping away aggro with therapeutic that generate risk. Nonetheless, the bosses’ in TOP’s tendency to immediately auto assault healers after transition was inflicting frustration.

Nonetheless, UNNAMED_ survived all these perils and cleared the battle. Their roles and jobs are listed beneath:

Raid Group

  • Tank (DRK):Sturdy Newt
  • Tank (GNB):Tatsuya Suzuki
  • Healer (AST):Misty Lowen
  • Healer (SCH):Sherry Vermouth
  • DPS (NIN):Haruka Setsuna
  • DPS (DRG):Rafuita Helel
  • DPS (MCH):Rin If
  • DPS (SMN): Fermat Sofy

Help  Members:

  • Iris Estrela
  • Kingyo Gyahun
  • Feuer E’

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